Last night was a sad night in basketball and today is my mourning/hangover period. Stupid San Antonio. Stupid defending champs. Stupid Manu Ginobili! (I irrationally dislike him. It’s mostly the name I think.) Now it’s time to face reality. He’s gone. I can’t believe he’s gone. How will I watch the rest of the NBA season without his smile? His speed? His almighty awesomeness? Chris Paul, I mourn the loss of thee on my television set.

And it’s not only Chris Paul. Seeing as there are no teams left that I have any real or geographical affiliation with, I had adopted the Hornets as my team. They were supposed to win! They were supposed to send the Bland Empire back home to rot in the Blah Star that is San Antonio. They were supposed to shoot the two little laser balls into the tiny 3 meter hole that would bring down the whole friggin’ operation! (Yes, I have recently watched Star Wars…) But they could not. Evil (or more honestly, genericness) has won. No feisty young team upsetting the perennial favorite. No miraculous charge to the NBA finals where the eventually destroy the inconsistent Celtics. No NBA title for New Orleans. *Tear*

But what I’m also upset about, is that the other Hornet hotties are also gone! Tyson Chandler! I hardly knew thee. But now I want to!!

Despite being injured during game 6, he came back to score 13 points in game 7. Oh and he looked good while doing it.

And let us not forget David West. He played admirably with a pinched nerve or some sort of back spasm throughout game 6. My fave moment was after the win, in which he had scored 38 points, when David was talking to a reporter and one of his teammates enthusiastically ran by and smacked him on the shoulder, thoroughly jolting him (and his injured back). West winced, shook his head and smiled. It was adorable. He also lead all his team in scoring for game 7 (with 20 points).

I loooove posed pictures. Look at that smirk.

Who is left? Who, in this now God-forsaken tournament, is left for me to love? San Antonio can suck it. The Lakers? No. The Pistons? I may have pointed out in an earlier post that no goods things come from Detroit. I may have to change my tune, as someone kindly pointed out that Aaron Afflalo is on that team. And I love me some Aaron Afflalo. But they are up against the Celtics in the Eastern Finals… I think I’m going to take the leap (look out bangwagon, I’m coming in for a landing…) into Celtics fandom. It may take them 14 more games to get there, but I feel that the Celtics can win it all. Eventually…. With that being said, goooo big green.

6 thoughts on “DON’T LEAVE ME!

  1. *cries* *cries lots*

    The Hornets were overlooked in talent and hotness. Hi, Tyson Chandler! And David West always made me smile.

    I think I’m going to have to, God help me, root for the Lakers. GOD HELP ME. And the Pistons, because, haha, no. Not the Celtics.

  2. I know. I think in my focus on Chris Paul I just overlooked the other hotties. It was game 6 that really showed my the error of my ways, when both Chandler and West were hurt and yet they played anyways. MMM. But yeah, I would really like to have Tyson Chandler’s babies.

  3. Yes! Come over to the Green side. You can love Kevin Garnett even if you don’t love his facial hair. Also, I just want to give Big Baby Davis a hug whenever I see him. So cuddly.

    Oh, yeah: I second the “Stupid Manu Ginobli.”

  4. i realize i’m like 10 years late on recognizing this post, but i feel an overwhelming urge to backtrack in my grief process. At this moment, while watching the Pistons potentially blow it to the Celtics, I not only mourn the failures of my home team but I yearn for Chris Paul to plant his seed in my garden of sin.

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