Heckle this man

An odd item out of Clearwater in today’s Chester County Daily Local News:

As he walked off the field after six innings, [Cole] Hamels was greeted with a standing ovation from fans in the left field bleachers. A little over an hour earlier, the 24-year-old pitcher was being serenaded with a different kind of fan reaction.

“I had some great heckling in my bullpen, loved it,” said Hamels, who said both Rays and Phillies fans were yapping his way.

What are you trying to tell us, Colbert? That you like it when we say things like, “HEY HAMELS, NICE 12.60 ERA. AND YOU WANT ADAM EATON MONEY FOR THAT SHIT?!” and “DUDE, DID YOU GET YOUR HAIR HIGHLIGHTED IN THE OFF SEASON? WHAT THE HELL?!” and “I’VE SEEN YOUR WIFE’S COOTER!” OK, then. I’ll be sure to remember those gems for when I’m in Clearwater this weekend.

5 thoughts on “Heckle this man

  1. Hey – I was in those left field bleachers for that game! Except, they’re not really “bleachers” so much as they are “four rows of long tables with bar stools right next to a giant tiki bar and so therefore full of really drunk people”.

    Also: thanks for giving up that homer, Cole. It may have busted up your perfect game, but it was the perfect spring training souvenir ball for me!

  2. Whoa, you got that ball, Texas Gal? That’s awesome. The way I figure it…if you’re going to have a perfect game broken up, have it broken up in style (where ‘style’ = home run, I guess). Go hard or go home, that sort of thing.

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