Hit & Run-Happy March Madness!

Today is about one thing-watching basketball from noon until midnight. And as I’m pretty sure even the college basketball hater is going to be plopping him/herself down on a bar stool or a couch sometime today let’s hurry and get to some of the bigger non-college basketball stories from yesterday.

The Red Sox players held a mini strike because their coaches wasn’t going to be paid. That’s a really decent thing they did. But crisis was adverted, they played against the Blue Jays, and got on a plane to Japan.

Terrelle Pryor is going someplace called the University of Ohio State. Uh huh. Okay, a bit of advice to all high school athletes being recruited to play a sport on the collegiate level-know the name of the college or university you’re going to. I mean, it’s not that hard. You’re going to be there, depending on the sport and your skill level, anywhere between one and four years. It might be helpful to know the name of the place.

Allen Iverson scored 32 in a losing effort as the Sixers beat the Nuggets 115-113. This was Iverson’s first time back in Philadelphia since the trade a few years ago sending him to Denver. I thought the applause the Sixers’ fans gave AI was really sweet. Aww!

Back to the tournament…should I be worried if I picked Butler to get to the Final Four?

4 thoughts on “Hit & Run-Happy March Madness!

  1. In one of my (many) brackets, I picked Butler to win their first-round game based solely of that picture of their hot coach you gals posted a while back. Might that have been the reason for your Bulldog/Final Four prediction??

  2. I am freaked out by my bracket. I picked in a willy nilly totally random fashion. And haven’t lost a game yet. But it is early. Still, I should have put money on this isht, I am after all, in Vegas now. lol

  3. I picked Arizona in the Final Four.
    I hope that was not a mistake. =/


  4. E, if Arizona actually plays to their potential (something they haven’t done a whole lot this season), you might not be totally screwed there.

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