Saturday Morning Hate Sex: Kiss and Make Up

Last week, on SMS: I look forward to the day when no Saturday Morning Hate Sex post will be necessary. When every Lady’s team finds themselves on the shiny happy end of the scoreboard…

Last week, on the field: Tennessee, Texas, Wake Forest, Michigan, Rutgers, and Iowa, victors all. [Pause while I stare in wonderment at my own hands and wish very, very hard for a pony.] So this morning, let’s leave the handcuffs in the bottom drawer. No frustrations to grind out, just the sweet memory of triumph and the fervent hope for another win.

No, I’d like to use this morning for makeup sex. My boys came through for me last week in a big way, and one in particular is finally reminding me why I loved him in the first place.

Tennessee running back Arian Foster was off to a rough start this season. The numbers weren’t there, which was bad enough, but he looked like a shade of his former self on the field, nothing like the power back we knew and cheered. He had 11 carries for 26 yards against Florida.


In the three weeks since that game? 12 carries/57 yards, 17 carries/98 yards, and 21 carries/139 yards. He’s hitting the holes, he’s dispensed with the froo-froo dance moves that wasted time and yardage early in the season, and he’s back to being Arian (which is to say, dragging his blockers down the field an extra ten yards, when he’s not making them whiff completely).


Oh, and yes, my favorite trait in a football man: He can fly.


So this morning, before your team takes the field, find it in your heart to forgive them their shortcomings and show your…appreciation, in whatever form you desire. They done good. Time to do ’em right.


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