10 thoughts on “Sunday Sunday Sunday Comic!

  1. I’m sorry……I didn’t mean to ruin cottage cheese. He just…..he looks like a walking bag of cottage cheese with a belt on. Or maybe lumpy body of oatmeal. Take your pick. Either way……….blech.

  2. As a long-time Bills fan, I can’t say I have too much love for Charlie. In that photo, and only really in that photo, he really reminds me of the Offensive Line Coach at my alma mater, Hugh Villacis, a beast of a man in his own right (http://www.wesleyan.edu/athletics/football/03season/hughfbmug.jpg). Dude would forever be eating Cheez-its or some other machine-vendable snack, Dasani (aka filtered fecal-water) 20-ouncer in hand, rockin’ the stepper or the elliptical. If you’re reading Hugh, I miss you.

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