Pink Locker Room

The tables have turned for the Ladies, some for the better and some….not so much. Metschick seems to be cruising along swimmingly and we all completely hate her and the Scarlet Knight she rode in on. (Just kidding, Metsy! Haha, don’t hurt me!) Follow me after the jump for contemplations, crying and cleavage….

Metschick: Another solid win by Rutgers. The most important number of the game? 42. That’s the number of points scored by Rutgers in the 2nd quarter. As a matter of fact, they played so well that the second stringers took care of the 2nd half, so we got some good looks at Cordell Young and Jabu Lovelace. (BTW, I NEED a “Lovelace” jersey.) They showed us a nice preview of the future, scoring 14 points in the 2nd half. It was a blowout win, 59-0, over Norfolk, and it capped a great Homecoming Weekend. (Norfolk complained that RU was piling on, with Norfolk head coach Pete Adrian saying: “Forty-eight-zip and you’re calling three time outs at the end,” getting the score wrong. “Hey, if that turns you on, it’s fine.” Yeah, Coach Adrian, it turns me on just fine.)

Oh, and I have some advice for Louisville: “throw some D(s) on that bitch!”

Tiquan Underwood
We’d like to get under…..nevermind.

SA: Michigan finally-FINALLY-came to play. It only took two embarrassing losses for them to wake up, but at least they did against Notre Dame, 38-0. I could and should talk about Mike Hart (187 yards and 2 TDs) who backed up his guarantee. But I’m going to focus on the true freshman QB Ryan Mallett. Yeah, he had an experienced team around him so all he really had to do was not fuck up. But his meager stat line (7-for-15 for 90 yards, which was more than Notre Dame had as a team) included three touchdown passes to Greg Mathews, Adrian Arrington, and Mario Manningham. And if he starts next week against Penn. St. that’s all he really needs to do again-don’t lose the game.

And to the defense-I honestly don’t know if you guys showed up or if Notre Dame is just that bad, but thank you for doing your part and continuing the “no offensive touchdowns” streak the Irish have going. By the end of the game, that’s what I was cheering for.

Texas Gal: You can put up a cute picture of Colt McCoy and I will be pleased as punch. Or Bevo. Or some bluebonnets. Or a bottle of Shiner. Anything to distract me from the impending doom that is OU. I thought after the asswhupping we gave TCU that we were sorted. Oh, how I was wrong.

J-money:  Who would’ve thought that 3 games into the season, Wake Forest would have a better record than Notre Dame.  And so would Duke.  And Wofford College.  The Deacs got their first win of the season, defeating the Army Black Knights 21-10 and prompting approximately 842 Monty Python and the Holy Grail jokes. Wake’s temporary QB Brett “Placeholder” Hodges threw 12 times for a whopping 49 yards, which meant that he couldn’t, say, throw any interceptions in the end zone.  Like last week.  Not that I’m bitter.

Confidential to Riley Skinner: Please come back. There will be punch and pie.

Andrea: I hate losing to Iowa State. I HATE IT. This was disgraceful. No Iowa Hotties this week. They don’t deserve it. Instead, you get a pictorial of the last 3 1/2 minutes of the game.

Field goal to give Iowa the lead by 1.

Long, ridiculous pass to put ISU in field goal range.

ISU makes a field goal to take a 2-pt lead.

We almost return the ensuing kickoff for a TD.
But ISU stops us and we lose to those *#&%ers.

Holly: Does this ass-kicking make me look fat?

TSW: “Charlie Weis, you might want to look alive on the sidelines and less like a bag of cottage cheese. Telling your players in Week Three, “We’re starting training camp tomorrow ” makes me wonder where you have been the last two months, or even the last week when your former starting quarterback decided to transfer out of South Bend without leaving as much as a ‘Dear Charlie’ note. As Saint Lombardi said, “If you aren’t fired with enthusiasm , you’ll be fired with enthusiasm.”

27 thoughts on “Pink Locker Room

  1. Well Holly and Andrea, at least Peyton Manning and Dallas Clark played really well yesterday and the Colts won so that’s at least worth something.

  2. Metschick, did you attend the game?

    Norfolk can kiss it.

    And Jabu Lovelace is from Tenafly, which means my HS, Dumont, probably owned him in the Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving every year!

  3. Shouldn’t you wait for Rutgers to play somebody before crowning Metschick’s ass? Buffalo, Navy, and Norfolk State don’t exactly put fear into the masses.

  4. Pam: I didn’t go to the game. I think I’m only going to one game (at UConn). Tix are too much on stubhub, and I’ve got the Mets playoff tix to buy!

    DougOLis: yes, Buffalo, Navy & Norfolk State aren’t exactly fearsome opponents. But you still need to beat them. That’s why I said it was a solid win. When they beat South Florida, Cincy and the others, those’ll be great wins!

    And I’m esp. liking what I see from our D.

  5. MC: Yea, when I was an undergrad I went to every game every year (and that was for the seasons 2000-2003, so it wasn’t pretty). I still try to go to a couple each year, but now I can’t afford it. And I totally understand that playoff tickets are more important.

    What I really wanted to know was if the Norfolk band was anything like Howard’s band last year!

    PS My main man Brandon Renkart had a great game!

  6. Holly – Way to pay up. I’m impressed; I would hope I would do the same for my team if they lost…but I don’t see the Sooners doing that until January. TG – no worries, you have Rice and K-State for warm up first. I’m sure they play highly similarly to OU. Now all I have to do is wait for USC to fall to Oregon and their QB Dixon on 10/27, and Florida to lose LSU on 10/6….mmmm. What good days those will be.

  7. Andrea, that game was painful to watch — losing to a team that lost to Kent State and whomever the other patsy was. Blech.

    Holly – it’s certainly an artful display, with the alternating letter colors.

  8. Nationalcoholic: Yes. 3.5 games up! The Mets are taking the division.

    However, if the Mets face the Phillies (who are 1 game out in the WC race) in an NLCS – who knows what happens?

    (Oh, who am I kidding, I’m scared of facing the Phils in the NLCS. They’re in the Mets’ heads.)

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  10. Holly, if LSU sticks it to Tebow ‘N Krewe, introduces him to the taste of bourbon soaked sod, and knocks UF back to the won’t-be-a-champ double digits of USAToday-dom, will there be a sequel in Purple and Gold?

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