Hot Blogger Bracket – AFC North


*(The brackets will be shuffled to reflect correct order of match-ups next round. You try putting together 88 entries. Any complaints and we will rig the voting faster than the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight.)
Voting ends Saturday,  June 9,  @ approx.  22:00.

Main page with printable brackets.

138 thoughts on “Hot Blogger Bracket – AFC North

  1. This is one hell of a tough bracket. The gentleman that emerges victorious will have his work cut out for him.

    Also, I f-love that my Longhorn baby Peter is seeded against an Aggie. I take Rob at his word that he’s an Ag– because he dresses far too well, I never would have guessed.

  2. You know why I love this bracket too?

    The Legend of Vince Tremblay’s “”I had a feeling things were going to be interesting tonight when I noticed the large number of Ontario license plates in my usual parking garage. I said to myself, ‘Self, them hosers are making a weekend of this.'”

    I read this months ago, and it still made me laugh just as hard now as it did back then.

  3. Did Paul Shirley submit himself or did someone else do it? If it’s not him, where’s the far superior Rod Benson?

  4. Above said comment:
    Did Paul Shirley submit himself or did someone else do it? If it’s not him, where’s the far superior Rod Benson?
    was me

  5. Woohoo! A 12 seed! AND I’m not going against Will! Unfortunately my plot to covertly plug my new blog was foiled (curses!) as I’m being associated with my old colleagues at Ghosts of the Garden (where my submission story was linking to) but, hey, that’s nothing.

    Ladies (dotdotdot), I tip my hat to you…

  6. Hell. Yes. A #1 seed. First time I’ve ever beaten an NBA player in anything in my life. (Well, second. Greg Ostertag still crosses the street whenever he sees me coming.)

    And TSW, seriously, thanks. The book comes out July 17; let me know whatcha think.

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  8. Ladies. Thanks for the #5 seed. You all rock.

    Fellas It’s an honor and a previledge to kick the crap out of you on my way to internet fame and fortune.

    If I win this thing all I want as a prize is to make out with Holly.

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  10. So, Iam a 20 seed against a former NBA Player…

    It’s because I went to a MEAC school, isnt it.

    Well…Cinderfella has come to Play.

    Thank you for including me.

  11. A #4 seed… Lovely.

    But, Ladies… DAAAAAMN. HOLY SHIT that looks good. This has certainly proved worth the wait.

    so, let the fun begin.

  12. Thanks to the Ladies….. for putting this all together. It’s nice to see that the gift cards and phone numbers of MLB players I sent you netted me an 8 seed. I look forward to all of the criticism about my appearance and writing, while I take every vote against me personally.

  13. Looking at my picture and writing blurb side-by-side, I have two feelings:

    1. I may have type-cast myself.
    2. I kinda come off as a Tucker Max-like douchebag.

    I can only ask that you read the whole essay. I swear it’s not like that.

  14. I’m somewhere between stoked and bemused that I’m matched against a Longhorn. I know where the Ladies…. loyalties lie, and I’ve gotta respect that.


    I’d remind you of what happened in Austin last November. Another upset may be in the cards.

  15. Rob. I say this as your friend and as a fan of you personally (because you submitted a picture of yourself in seersucker): Texas Gal is still sleeping, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of danger.

  16. DaveyWayne. Ask him about that time he n’ I went cow-tipping. We knock a couple of ’em over and he looks at me and says “Do you ever feel like, you know… doing stuff to them while they’re lying there all helpless like?”

    I say “Jesus, no, you freak”.

    And Paul kind of double takes and then laughs.

    But way too loud, and way too late.


  17. MDG,

    Nice to see a little Boston – St. Louis battle in the first round. Let’s see if St. Louis can put one in the win column this time around, unlike the 2004 World Series.

  18. Holly that is indeed a sox hat. And the picture is in Fenway Park.

    Call me.

    Sebek. Rest assured there will be no sweep. I know like 5 people so I can’t really get out the vote and stuff the ballot box. But there are some other boxes I’d like to stuff. Hey now!

  19. Change the name of this bracket to the Friends of Liverpool or You’ll Never Walk Alone. Cause now I need to vote for my fellow Liverpool fans.

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  21. Rob: 73-35-5.

    MDG: As a member of the Fenway Faithful, the hat alone gives you +5 bonus. That you’re sitting in Fenway (looks like just around on 3B side) is just icing on the cake.

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  23. People like the Cobra makes me sick. Portraying himself as a well-dressed young man in a house of worship, when I know better as to the type of excessive partier, spender, and woman-attracter he is. Of course, no one likes that type of guy, and…oh wait, you do? This sounds like a deceptive attempt to get people to vote for my scaly friend? Err, oops.

  24. I am woman, hear me objectify. My exact thought process through all four brackets voting: ‘that blog is sexist, and worse, not funny, voting for the other guy,’ ‘hmmm, looks jewish. jewish=hot.’ ‘no way those are his real abs, but it works for momma.’ ‘i’d sooner vote for a staph infection than a longhorn. gig ’em aggies!’ ‘one with most hair gets the vote!’ ‘ohhhhh, nice suit. sweet!’ ‘points for bringing in the baby in, pretty baby.’ and also: this is awesome. AWESOME.

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  26. Let me just say, thanks ladies… for helping the ole ego out by actually giving me a seed…even though it was quickly “thrashed” yet again. At least now I can say I got in the tournament and competed against a #1 seed, that kicked my ass of course.

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  28. I think it’s time to make a plea to the Gay community. Hopefully, what with my post being about Figure Skating and with me looking as camp as I do in that pic, I can attract some of the ‘pink’ vote.

    Come on guys I need all the help I can get!

  29. My girlfriend is probably going to cry when she finds out I’m a #19 seed. Or, she will come to her senses, realize she can do better, and leave me. Stupid Hot Blogger Bracket.

  30. Ha, yes, Jack Cobra, it appears I can’t even praise my friends in a straight-forward manner. I’m trying to get you the “bad boy” vote, because with a suit picture in church, you should have a good shot at the “good boy” vote.

    And Sanchez, in a fit of amusement, I was thisclose to inventing a “GayMcGay” commenter name to make snarky/complementary remarks on each guy’s picture and clothes. Of course, with my limited knowledge of what passes for fashion, I’d have been exposed as a fraud after the second post, but that would have been fun.

  31. Yeah McB, I wish I could play the ‘bad boy’ role, but when it comes down to it I’m just the ‘guy next door’. Opening doors, respectful to women, etc…

  32. I’m actually first base side. And before anyone gets all “down with Massholes!” on me. I’m from VA, I live outside DC, but I was raised a Sox fan. And I would never have any of the ladies call me Sports Guy while having coitus. Now would I have them call me Big Papi? Yes.

  33. “coitus” is certainly a word that needs to become part of mainstream lingo as soon as possible. I’d like to bring “mongoloid” back as well.

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  35. MDG, I won’t call you Big Papi, but on a slightly related note: If you can stare like Papelbon on the mound? We need to talk.*

    *”talk” = “do it”

  36. Well thanks Sven, that makes you one righteous dude in my book. I guess you would agree that there aren’t enough fans being Kung-fu kicked in soccer these days then?

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  38. My girlfriend has already maxed out the votes for my contest, and is about to be rewarded with a sushi lunch. So if I happen to win by three votes, that’s why.

    And Paul Shirley, I’m warning you, my girlfriend will totally vote five times next round. So yeah, like, beware and shit.

  39. […] So, if you want to stuff the ballot box for your old buddy Doob

    I love how each time we whore for votes on our website, our own blog goes and rats us out right here in the comments section.

  40. The Blog of Hilarity is underrepresented. Why does a tournament about hot male sports bloggers not feature the hottest male blogger who writes about sports sometimes. I’m so sad.

    Also Paul Shirley is the class of this bracket. I smell a fix.

  41. Hey, if certain male sports bloggers didn’t sack up and enter themselves in the tourney, they have only themselves to blame.

    You have to be in it to win it. And the only way to be in was to submit yourself.

  42. Palming a basketball? That’s all he’s got? I can roll out to the pick-up courts with two knee pads, an ankle brace, a shoulder wrap, three fingers taped together, wristbandm headband and goggles and still drop 4 points and grab 3 rebounds in a game to 20. Let’s see him do that!

  43. Plus, he keeps a soft hand for his lady…

    Oh, you haven’t heard about Paul Shirley’s vasoline glove?

  44. Why is everyone so scared of Paul Shirley? Bring him on!

    Because Paul Shirley banged your mom. He’ll do it again if he feels like it.

  45. Um….I can palm a basketball and dunk. Actually, I have a jumper too (thank you collegiate ball); so as long as he doesn’t post me up I think I have a shot (If I win my matchup)


  47. I’m pro-Boston in every way… except the Patriots. Mostly because the Pats wouldn’t have me, anyway, because I’m a Cowboys fan.

    And I definitely don’t have an East Coast bias- I have a “Bias for Things That Rule”.

  48. I would like to thank you Ladies… for Paul Shirley showing up in my dream last night. In a totally non-creepy and “nice” sorta way, of course…
    And yes, he can STILL “warm my bench any day….”

  49. Everytime I narrow the gap or even pull close, the lead gets streched back out to 23 votes.


    The bloom is coming off the rose.

  50. Thank you TSW.

    Unfortunately, I have neither the proper following or mastery of the Dark Arts in order to overcome this very strong showing from RUTS.

    Sadly, the GF would not be amused if I asked to opt out of leaving town tomorrow for a wedding, just so I could sit on the couch and devise ways to institute large scale, um, ‘voter turnout’.

    Not I’m above walking around town with laptop in hand, logging on the all the unprotected wireless networks for their unique IP addys. I just don’t have the time. *smirk*

  51. Holly and Sports Girl thanks for the props. I love you. For ever and ever. If you ever want to make out no questions asked then I’m your man. There was a time back before 2004 when only a few people outside of Boston wore Sox hats. Now a days its just wannabes everywhere.

    Sadly I think this one is going to go with Joe Sports Fan. I just have too much work to do every day to go stumping for votes.

    One of my friends did send me an email which states “I hope you kick that Erik Estrada looking m-fers ass.” But Sebek is cool. If I lose I’m ok that it was to him.

  52. And Paul Shirley, the tall, well-written basketball player who mentioned on Simmon’s podcast that he is a former NMF. For nerds like me, that’s pretty much the ultimate pre-college honor. And yet the man still supposedly can’t get a girlfriend. It’s just not fair!

    Here’s more of the sass he deserves. Yes, I typed both on and in. No, it’s funny now and I’m too lazy to change it.

  53. Ladies… psychologically speaking, some of the voters may actually be voting against the candidates you are urging them to vote for. That happens a lot of times in the political voting process. Just a thought.

  54. MDG,

    This thing’s not over. It’s been too close to call – besides, I think my Mom is running out of St. Louis library computer to vote on.

    I do I do not accept your Erik Estrada kiss of death.

  55. Frosted hair or not, his joesportsfan website is one of the funniest things I’ve read in some time. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. The athlete mySpace pages are classic stuff.

  56. I saw the above notation about the bracket being reshuffled to reflect the correct order of the matchups in the next round, so what I have is a question and should in no way be construed as a complaint.

    Consider this a stupid male (pardon the redundancy) inability to grasp what smarter women are trying to tell him.

    There are 22 seeds in this bracket. Assuming all the higher seeds advance (which I know will not happen, but I’m just trying to keep things simple for the men who might be reading this), the second round matchups will be as follows:

    1 v. 11
    2 v. 10
    3 v. 9
    4 v. 8
    5 v. 7
    6 v. ?

    As the No. 6 seed, I’m curious . . . if I advance to the next round, do I get a bye or should I break out a Billy Idol record from around 1990?

  57. that’s a big IF King! PopJocks is planning a run to the polls all day Saturday (only 200+ votes behind, that’s nothing!)………….unless the big planned fishing trip comes through thanks for no rain, then well, I’ll celebrate a loss with fine Long Island seafood

  58. Well, it looks like I’m going down to the finely tanned Darren. If only I too had ventured out of my mothers basement in time to bannish my pasty complexion!

    Seriously though, congrats to Darren and thanks to everyone who voted for me. Now lets all get behind Mr Heitner; hopefully he’ll win the whole bracket so that I can claim I came second. Woot!

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  60. If it makes things easier, you can just eliminate me from the 2nd round.

    Oh, wait, my opponent has already done that for you.

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