Casting Call

Like sports?  Like the men who play those sports?  Think you’ve got some good things to say about Hotties in Uniform?  The Ladies are looking for some new contributors.  We’ve sadly had to say goodbye to many of our talented writers because real life and other gigs have become too much to juggle.  But SA, Metschick and Andrea are still here with their best ogling goggles on and they’re looking for some new Ladies.

What we want from you:  a short fact sheet (below) and a sample post or two.  If you don’t have your own blog, no worries!  Take a cue from us and try your hand at a Hit n Run for one of the nights this week.  Pictures are not a requirement either.  We can totally teach you how to do pictures in a post, so don’t get hung up on that.  Continue reading

Hump Day Hottie: Jacoby Ellsbury

First we named him a Ladies… mascot, and then we told you he was one of the hottest prospects this year. And since September callups, Jacoby Ellsbury has done us proud- blazing a trail on the fast track to a starter spot in the outfield for the Red Sox. He’s gotten a hit in every single game since the September 1st callup date, and is batting .373 with 3 homers overall in the big leagues (just 18 games!). He’s a predatory animal roaming the outfield- no ball is safe, and there’s no body part he won’t sacrifice in making a diving catch. Yesterday was his 24th birthday- which he celebrated with a homer (of course!). And he’s officially eligible for the playoff roster, so we’ll hopefully be seeing a lot of him in October.

Oh, yeah- and he’s outrageously hot.

In celebration of his birthday, his sensational rookie season, and his hot body, I’ve got a ton of Jacoby prettiness after the jump…

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Father’s Day Aftershave – Lady Andrea

Much like last time when she asked her mother directly for an answer for her Mother’s Day Potpourri post, Andrea is the only one brave enough to email her father weloveyoudad.jpgweloveyoudad.jpgfor a story to share on Father’s Day. So here’s to Andrea’s papa, and the two kids, (her brother Adam is in the picture), who love him!

I talked with my dad on the phone in preparation for this post and for Father’s Day. We got to talking about when he was involved in sports back before he was just a supportive spectator for my brother and me at countless basketball tournaments Continue reading