Bringing The Heat: Anaheim Angels

The latest edition of Bringing the Heat takes us to the left coast with the Anaheim Angels*. And I must say that I’m disappointed in them. There are no real hotties on the team. Sure there are some cute guys, but no smoking hot pieces of ass that you want to spank. Maybe Bill Stoneman need to take a cue from his counterpart up in Oakland and learn to draft some good hot players.

Despite that, the Angels are already in control of the AL West, with a 5 ½ game lead on Seattle, 6 ½ lead on Oakland, and a 16 game lead over Texas. Oakland is a notorious second-half team, but I wouldn’t blame anyone if they called this division done for. And with that said, on to the cuties from Anaheim.

*I refuse to call them that fucked up name their owner gave them.

Chris Bootcheck

If there is an ass shot out there, you better believe I’m going to be posting it. For head shot, go here.

Reggie Willits

Look above. Head shot here.

Francisco Rodriguez

I’m a sucker for a cute smile.

Shea Hillenbrand


The Angels are depressing. Hell, there aren’t any really good pictures of them out there on the internets. Is there any way I can start a petition to get more hotties on the team next year?

20 thoughts on “Bringing The Heat: Anaheim Angels

  1. Hey, if it is good enough for Reggie Jackson to try to kill the queen, then it is good enough for me. Go California Angels!

  2. why any team would want to emphasize their anaheimness when they could just be THE CALIFORNIA ______ (how grand!) is beyond me. and this is from someone who lived there, so my hate is earned.

  3. Is it me, or has K-Rod gotten lighter since the World Series year? I mean, I thought he was Afro-Venezloano….

  4. Also, I’m at Caribou — free wi-fi & all — & Ladies… remains unblocked while Deadspin is. Weird. I was expecting the reverse. Sure, Ladies… isn’t Fleshbot, but come on, compared to Deadspin — 90% of the time — it’s much, much sexier.

    … Oh, & while Deadspin’s on the mind, will Leitch be the Duke of the Hot Blogger tournament, getting a high-seed because of what he has done in the past, not on the merits? (In that case, Luck Feitch.)

  5. Assuming that MJD fellow really is Afro-American, I imagine that if he’s a one-seed you’re waiting for Juneteenth Day to reveal the bracket.

  6. Ladies, I would like to officially applaud you for continuing to nod your caps to the hotness that is my Oakland A’s. We just work with what we’ve got.

  7. eDaySTAT!, sometimes, the Ladies… have tunnel vision.

    (Insert “dirtpipe milkshake” joke, here. If you dare.)

    (Even that challenge might be too much for the editresses to bear, though. But I blame Fleshbot.)

  8. Yes, eDayStat, the Angels may be ahead in the division, but our A’s will always be ahead in hotness. I trust this to be true.

    SA, “Anaheim Angels” is where it’s at.

    Also, my husband and I are doing a west coast baseball swing from Seattle to San Diego this September. I’ll see if I can’t find a hot Angel or two, but my hatred of them will probably blind me.

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