Hot Blogger Bracket – Campbell Conference


*(The brackets will be shuffled to reflect correct order of match-ups next round. You try putting together 88 entries. Any complaints and we will rig the voting faster than the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight.)
Voting ends Saturday, June 9, @ approx. 22:00.

Main page with printable brackets.

130 thoughts on “Hot Blogger Bracket – Campbell Conference

  1. Hey, I know this isn’t posted yet, but for real J-Red, I opened your email and that picture hurt me it was so wonderful. Cheap beer, Letterman on the dorm TV, and old cases for “art” on the wall.
    Makes me want to go back to college and make out on your flannel sheets over a grubby mattress.
    (But I love Sean’s Marino post. So hard this bracket!)

  2. I tell myself that ‘Orson’ is wearing Texas burnt orange in his photo.

    And SMQ is a hilarious deity sent down to earth to entertain us mere mortals.

  3. The TooMuchSports-MCB matchup is the heartbreaker for me. Boys, you can’t both advance to the second round, but you can come on-a my house…

    Also, SMQ is a god that walks on earth. But for football.

  4. I see you’ve designed the bracket specifically to stop ballot stuffing (e.g. voting multiple times from the same ISP). That directly contradicts with the statement made in the beginning: “Cheating, shenanigans, and ballot-stuffing are encouraged.” No matter. I have every computer on the campus of UNC at my disposal. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  5. As the #2 seed in this bracket, I am little concerned that Tim Tebow is the #1 seed. That seems like a matchup no one can win.

    And Holly, I appreciate the kind words. Unfortunately, it’s only inflated my monster-sized ego. So thanks.

  6. To qualify as a “darkhorse” in this bracket, wouldn’t you need to to be a #5 seed or lower?

    And no, I don’t like the prospects of facing Swindle in the second round…that is, if I get past the first round. (Is that how this bracket will work? I’m so confused.)

  7. “(e.g. voting multiple times from the same ISP)” – Designed that way because if you are going to rock the vote, we don’t want it to be easy – ala some sort of script.

  8. Tebow is going to be tough to take down. But being a 19th seed, I’ll be happy just making it into round 2…

    That said, I wish I sent in another post. I have no idea why I picked the one I did, because there are plenty which I like more than that one.

  9. I’m pretty sure Tim Tebow’s strict Christian upbringing would be highly against this tournament. Praise should only be given onto the lord. I think his name is Bob or something.

  10. Sean, sounds like I will have to help deflate it then with some Midwestern Discomfort. But really, we’re both grown men, talented writers–I see no reason why one of us has to be branded the loser here. How about winner advances, loser gets to follow up on Holly’s invite? Oh but wait, then we both might try to lose…never mind.

  11. Oh but wait, then we both might try to lose…never mind.

    This could be fun!

    And I don’t know where all this “Tebow” chatter is coming from. That is Orson Swindle of Every Day Should Be Saturday, and you haters should be ashamed of yourselves. Everybody in Florida looks like that.

  12. “Everybody in Florida looks like that.”

    Of course we do, that’s why I’ve had to survive on guile and deception all my life. It’s tough to be this damn hot.

  13. First things first, I am a daily reader of EDSBS, so I can attest to Orson’s writing prowess, and I say this whole-heartedly – ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I would do very bad things to that man. Jesus.

  14. That said, I would have to take Sean over the rest of the bracket, solely because he’s a Jets fan. This means I would more than likely do very bad things to him, as well.

  15. Swoon’s right, sister. I’m a lifelong Jets fan, and as hard as it is to just be one, I should mention that I live in Indianapolis. That’s right – Colts country (gagging noises). Enough said.

  16. Andrea, thanks for using the term “dark horse” as opposed to “Cinderella team”. The latter could be slightly deflating. Also, I’m a little concerned about being in the same bracket as the unabomber.

  17. Buff – you have one of the toughest match ups, for real. I won’t lie… I voted for you from home and Davey from work. (I know it defeats the purpose, but you both have good entries!)

    (God I am such a girl.)

  18. This Sean matchup is killing me. I figured my ego could be satisfied in one of two ways. I would get a higher seed than I deserved, and then I’d take an early exit, but I’d be happy because of my high standing with the seeding committe (Ladies…). (tries to type “seeding committee” without smirking, fails.) Or, I’d get a low seed, but find myself against some godless, mother-hating, America-bashing paid blogger who I could at least potshot all day long.

    Instead, I apparently get a laid-back smoker/drinker whose Jets fandom may be the only possible one that challenges mine for levels of torture, whose dog recently died, and who recently was delivered from a soul-crushing job in the dinosaur that is daily print media. How can I hate on a guy like that?! My extensive background search revealed nothing more than an unpaid parking ticket, a small altercation in Cancun (really, you thought they’d believe the “My bracelet came off in the water” story?), and the usual ill-considered Internet credit card purchases at 3 AM. In other words, I am out of ammo and gas in a plane a decade removed from the Wright Brothers, while being circled by a Stealth bomber…but thankfully, “I am left-handed.”

  19. As stated – orson is just dreamy in that picture. Wow! But have you seen a picture of Conscience of a Nation – and her emergency floatation devices? – or was that Orson’s sister?

  20. -note to self-

    should have shown tattoo…should have shown tattoo

    At least I’m probably the only guy who’s doesn’t live in the states to do this competition, that’s got to count for something?

    Also, when do the 50 vote baskets come down Rock n Jock style? I got Flea from RHCP waiting to ice this thing.

  21. I’m already spreading the word, but it doesn’t help when you have to say the same thing 1000 times to my friends who do not speak a word of English. And then they laugh and say ‘Silly Americans’

    I actually did a post on bullfighting way back when, it’s something everyone should experience sometime in their life.

  22. I was under the distinct impression that my hair was going to help me in this tournament, and yet I’m currently trailing a dude with a buzzcut. There are still three days left to recover but I was told that wet, messy hair was one of the things (along with eye black and baseball pants) that was going to score huge points with the Ladies… in this contest.

  23. haha yeah dave we are apparently the international match up, shit we should have had our own bracket…

  24. mcbias – You obviously didn’t look hard enough to find bad info about me but that’s cool. And the sad post about why I hadn’t been posting was not to gain sympathy points but to explain to my legions of fans (at least a couple dozen) why I hadn’t been writing. But I would think your ego may have been satisfied with an invite from Holly. That’s high praise, right?

    The end of my Jets post is 100% accurate. There was nothing more sad than the look on the face of the guy in the 7-11 when I went for Gatorade. He felt my pain. Some guy emailed me who is writing a book on the spectacular failures of the Jets, why I don’t know, and he wanted to use part of my post for an intro. We then spent the next three days going back and forth with our lament. At least Mangini was on the Sopranos, that has to mean something.

  25. Damn right, for f*ck’s sake, I was a Tackle in high school, I couldn’t compete with QB’s then and I sure as hell can’t do it now!!!

    But the Ladies are wise and fair, I’m sure the situation will be rectified.

  26. Sean, I certainly didn’t mean to imply that you were trying to gain brownie points with your posts about the dog and job. I meant what I said; you’re not very easy to hate or villify. (Especially because of your early death due to your smoki…err, I kid! Can’t shun the smoker vote, either, at this point.)

    On the other hand, you’ve forced me to this with your Jets sadness. As for why I am more pitiable as a fan…(about to reveal Ace in the Hole)…I am a Browns fan. (silence, looks of deep pity and disgust) I believe 1964 is an earlier year than 1969, am I not correct? I believe 3 AFC championship games are greater than the one game you reference? So careful about playing the pity card.

  27. I’m sorry those of you reading had to see “Browns fan” in print like that, but it was necessary. All’s fair in love (Holly) and war (Blogger contest), ha.

  28. I’m not going to hate on a Browns fan, at least the Jets never picked up and left. Of course, if Curtis Martin fumbled away a Super Bowl, I might go on a three-state killing spree. Or just get the 100 proof SoCo and erase the memory.

    StarterWife – I am familiar with Easter Eggs and the youtube video but I still think G-Money is getting a raw deal.

  29. Thankfully, I was only about 6 or 7 at the time, and I didn’t understand why the nice people in the waiting room of the hospital were crying. :-p

  30. Maybe when G-Money lets the Ladies… cuss blue streaks on HIS supafly radio show, HE can post whatever picture he pleases.

    We said from the outset: Girls are fickle. It’s not our fault you didn’t think to win our favors.

  31. 3. You will submit one (1) recent photo, of you, in focus, that gives a good look at your face and any other assets you wish to emphasize

    I’m not mad or anything. If you want to call my cell phone and swear at me repeatedly, go ahead, it happens all the time anyway!!!

  32. Graig – I am totally going to come clean.

    I don’t read EDSB, or listen to their pod casts, and I think I am the only Lady – aside of SA – who has not be apart of the show.

    I voted for you both from home and work.

  33. We had almost a quorum of Ladies… in the EDSBS chat yesterday…I think five of eight? And how ’bout Lady Clare making her debut on the air? Can I get a siren for Messrs. BACON PANTS??

  34. Orson could have submitted a picture of a baboon’s butt and he would win this bracket – it’s the power of the O.

    I think it’s a very nice picture of him – one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  35. Anyone who doubts the legitimacy of that photo need only examine it in closer detail, perhaps by clicking upon it, to see the light. Orson does indeed rule.

  36. Just to clarify things about the lead-in, I submitted a faux Josh Hamilton autobiography as my post. And yes, my writing is consistently that great.

    I could write circles around Tim Tebow, Orson, Orson Wells, Merlin Olsen, Gregg Olsen, the Olsen Twins, whoever Holly wants to put up against me.

    The whole purpose for us sports nerds to get into this is to have fun and have access to a lot of great blogs out there that we normally don’t get to see. If this quasi-controversy leads more people to check out my stuff, I’m more than happy. But I will always feel that Hottest Blogger should feature a pic of yourself, no matter if you have a radio show or whathaveyou.

  37. 1. Have you noticed yet what happens when you click on the picture of Tebow? I hate to spoil our own Easter egg, but YEESH, dude.
    2. If you could write circles around so many people as you claim, you wouldn’t be a 22 seed.
    3. Chill. This is supposed to be fun.

  38. Wow, Holly layeth the smacketh down. Quite impressive.

    I think this whole exercise is fantastic. When I first heard about it and I sent my picture in, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But this is one of those neat, quirky things that can only be done with the power of the Interweb and unique people with crazy ideas.

    My favorite part is that I’m in the Campbell Conference bracket. As a hockey fan that dislikes the “new” NHL, I love the name so much it hurts. Why the NHL changed the conference and division names, I’ll never know. There was just something unspeakably cool about the Patrick Division. Heck, Chris Berman still calls the NFC North the Norris Division. Okay, I’m rambling, sorry.

  39. I guess for being relatively new to the blog scene, it might be time to hop down off the ledge. Fair enough. At least I still have my Yankees…

  40. Sean – As the resident hockey junkie, I’m glad you like the name. (Although you’re probably a Devils fan, which means I can never forgive you.)

    Now why doesn’t Sidney Crosby have a blog…

  41. All I know is that the ghost of wayne fontes is by far the best guy out there! We should all be lucky enough to know and love him!

  42. G-Money – dude, do you know who Orson Swindle is? You should be thankful this isn’t just a writing competition, Mr Lucky To Be Here, because the guy you’re bitching about is the most talented sports blogger there is. If this was only a writing contest, you’d have no shot, at all. Also, how’d I know you’d turn out to be a Yankees fan? I guess since you’re muddling around with the Devil Rays 12 games behind the Red Sox it leaves you time to complain about the Ladies… who’ve worked their ass off for this bracket to be fun. Now blow your nose and get back out there and fight like a man. If you don’t know how? Watch Orson.

  43. Remember that time the ladies took a month to do something that was funny? And we all laughed except for a few people who get angry because they don’t win the ‘hot or not’ poll? I’m the guy they interview in the locker room and says

    ‘man I’m just happy to be here’

    And I’m actually going to guest blog on Dave’s blog (the guy who I’m facing off against) At the end of the day a few more people read what I have to say and I get knocked out as the four seed against the 19 seed, but who cares?? It’s for fun.

    Is there an equivalent of a gym class hero for ‘hottie blogger contests?’

  44. Even though I work in Hartford and am pining for the Whalers to one day rise again, I am an Islanders fan. The biggest Islander fan I have ever known is my grandma, a lifelong season ticket holder that was present at all four of their Cup wins before I was born. It’s part of what ticks me off about the “new” NHL. Though the NHL is the only person/league/entity of importance that ever responded to an e-mail…

  45. I just clicked on “Orson’s Picture”, and…well, I kind of wish I didn’t. Everyone just pretend that he looks like Tebow, because it’s not worth knowing the reality.

  46. …Or is it?

    In all seriousness, Orson’s fully deserving of a one seed, and I would be honored if I were to lose to him in the second round. But first, I need to get past the first round.

    Remember that when you vote for me, you also vote for the truly enlightening way of life that is Sabanism.

  47. It just hit me. I live in Columbus (but hate Ohio State)and I’m getting my ass kicked by Tim Tebow. Now I finally know what it’s like to get destroyed by a Gator. Actually, I’m quite surprised that my ass has 25% of the vote. Like Kurt VanHouten, I’ll take the sympathy.

    Get your Yankees shots in now, they’re starting to come around and I know you’ve been waiting a decade to get them off your chest.

  48. Ok, and now for Sean’s picture. To preface, about 8 years ago there was this popular little poster called “Everything I need to know, I learned in kindergarten” listing rules from kindergarten and showing how they make sense for life. Let’s just say I don’t think the original poster-writer would agree with my adaptation…And Sean, again, I hope it’s obvious I’m joking (unless you really do eat babies, you sick, sick man :-p).

  49. Pingback: Look, Mom! I’m On TV! « Digital Headbutt

  50. Foiled! So much for my planned happy two hours of choosing proxy IP’s to emerge with a 1-vote victory, heh. Congrats, Sean, for being such a good sport despite all my nuttiness.

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