Mother’s Day Potpourri – Momma Magnolia

beckerboris206.jpeg I grew up in one of those houses where complaints of a headache were met with “Here, sugar, have half a Xanax.” As you might imagine, we watched a lot of tennis. My mother’s touring Europe this summer, and is making me teach her German phrases to employ in case she encounters Boris Becker poolside somewhere on The Continent. Now, I love my mother, but we have what you’d charitably call a Complicated Relationship, so understand that when she turns out to have asked her idol to remove the axe from her head when she thought she was asking to buy him a drink, I misled her out of love. And spite. But mostly love.

Happy Mothers’ Day, Momma.

18 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Potpourri – Momma Magnolia

  1. Dammit. That was the post I was looking for.

    You better tell your mom or I will read all 4 years of Snarkastic to find her email somewhere in the comments just to get you back for telling my mom to look for the Beckham post.

  2. I’ll tell her, but I don’t know it’ll do a whole lot of good. The conversation where I tried to explain web-based email to her could be a novella in itself.

    (Confidential to TheStarterMom: Your daughter is pure as the driven snow. I, sadly, am not, since I’m the one who had to read all that fanfic.)

  3. I’m totally going to be that mom (when Baby Mets is older and can partake more often of pharmaceutical remedies): “here’s a pill, there ya go!”

    She sounds awesome, Hols.

  4. Clare, she’s done this my entire life and as recently as last summer–I’d pulled a neck muscle during a death scene, and we were at brunch the next morning and she pulled her little tin of pills out of her purse and cut one in half for me with her butter knife. It’s how we show love.

  5. Hilarious, Holly!

    ps. My mother’s pill box is a giant tin pill. Which isn’t important, but it makes me laugh.

  6. “Here, sugar, have half a Xanax.”

    I’ma stitch that on a pillow, and send it to The Continent, for your Momma.

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