Mother’s Day Potpourri – The Hustle – Mother Lady Andrea

bartstarr.jpgAndrea is one of the brave ladies, who actually told her mother she could email in her hottie picks for today’s post. Without further adieu, Mother Lady Andrea –

I remember when Namath’s commercial came out and the big question was, “Did he shave his legs or not?” We watched the Packers all the time and Starr was today’s Peyton Manning. These two are actually when I was a teenager.

Even though I didn’t really follow tennis, we tuned in to watch John McEnroe, the “bad boy of tennis.” It was kind of like going to a hockey game to watch the fights.

I like Freddy Couples too. He’s played a long time even with his back problems and he’s cute even with gray hair and a great smile.

Here’s the story on Pete Rose, but change the names to protect the innocent (namely me):
The company was flying me to Las Vegas to pick up a flight later that day (called deadheading) and who should I sit by but Mr. Hustle himself. What it boiled down to was he asked me how much he would have to pay me to call in sick and stay in Vegas with him. If I recall, he wanted to know if $50-60,000 would do it. Needless to say, I thought it was a joke and he was an arrogant ass.

Also I remember that people would come to our seats for autographs and he was gracious about it until they walked away and then he pretty much made shit out of them. That was disappointing.

Happy Mother’s Day Mother Lady Andrea!

22 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Potpourri – The Hustle – Mother Lady Andrea

  1. I would have hoped your mom would have picked Keith Hernandez. You know, back in the day when he played for God’s team (St. Louis) and he had that nasty coke problem that caused us to trade him.

  2. 1) Bart Starr is THE man. Great guy, family friend, and very underrated QB.
    2) Pete Rose is even cooler for making fun of the people after they left, atleats he was nice to them and didn’t say it to their face. Pete Rose = America

  3. Yes, mom on Mother’s Day so no comment. We get to see that LA will be a fine looking woman for many years to come. Nice work Mother Lady Andrea (and the article was pretty good too).

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  5. As an old dude, your mom is a looker (but so are you). And from reading your posts, you acquired her brains as well.

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