Mother’s Day Potpourri – Your Mom Loves Hot Athletes Too

There is nothing like our moms and the idea of a Mother’s Day post to get these Ladies started.

I could have easily re-posted the 58 emails we exchanged over the course of just one evening talking about our mothers and the relationships we have with them. We laughed, we cried, we admitted to not always being the best of daughters and that more than a few of us, *ahem*, still have not told our moms about this site. Our discussion had enough material to keep Lifetime, Sandra Bullock, and Diane Keaton in business for at least a few more years. (Nancy Meyers! Call us!)

Today for Mother’s Day, we’ve posted a series of posts for our moms and featured the athletes they find hot. Or at least cute. Or maybe know the names of. So scroll down the site and say hi to our mothers, because you know your mom probably loved this guy…

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Mother’s Day Potpourri – GordonShumway

DSC01206I know my mother’s favorite athlete without even asking. Unfortunately, she bleeds Carolina Blue and said athlete is Tyler Hansbrough, which makes me feel like eating oven cleaner. To her, Psycho T is the most adorable boy ever. She thinks his big eyes make him look like a Precious Moments figurine, while I think they make him look like a cow. Potato, potahto.

The ‘rents were in town this weekend so I thought I’d take the time to ask her about her all-time favorites, mainly because that gave us something to talk about other than my unemployment…

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Mother’s Day Potpourri – Met Mamma Metschick

Ever since I can remember my mom, Paula, has mooned over Pettitte.

I can grudgingly agree that he is handsome, especially when he’s pitching and you can see the fire in his eyes. However, the mere fact that he wears pinstripes makes me want to break out in hives. But she likes who she likes, even though she couldn’t tell you where he just spent the last three seasons, or how many games he’s won in his career, or any other random fact.

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Mother’s Day Potpourri – TheStarterMom

markhamill.jpgSo when I first brought up the idea of doing a Mother’s Day Post, I really didn’t know how I felt about telling my mom about this site. (I WASN’T THE ONLY ONE MOM, SO DON’T FEEL BAD!)

First, the actual email I sent to the rest of the Ladies predicting how this whole thing would go down, and then the real conversation I did have with my mother. (Where she uses the word “handsome” quiet often.)

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Mother’s Day Potpourri – Clare’s Mom Hearts: Dan Marino

dan_marino.jpgMy mom has never been much of a sports fan. Sports are my father’s domain. She likes the New Orleans Saints for aesthetic reasons (she loves fleur-de-lis), she tolerates the Eagles because they’re only on once a week, and she grinds her teeth when pitchers throw to first to hold a runner on base.

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Mother’s Day Potpourri – The Hustle – Mother Lady Andrea

bartstarr.jpgAndrea is one of the brave ladies, who actually told her mother she could email in her hottie picks for today’s post. Without further adieu, Mother Lady Andrea –

I remember when Namath’s commercial came out and the big question was, “Did he shave his legs or not?” We watched the Packers all the time and Starr was today’s Peyton Manning. These two are actually when I was a teenager.

Even though I didn’t really follow tennis, we tuned in to watch John McEnroe, the “bad boy of tennis.” It was kind of like going to a hockey game to watch the fights.

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Mother’s Day Potpourri – Momma Magnolia

beckerboris206.jpeg I grew up in one of those houses where complaints of a headache were met with “Here, sugar, have half a Xanax.” As you might imagine, we watched a lot of tennis. My mother’s touring Europe this summer, and is making me teach her German phrases to employ in case she encounters Boris Becker poolside somewhere on The Continent. Now, I love my mother, but we have what you’d charitably call a Complicated Relationship, so understand that when she turns out to have asked her idol to remove the axe from her head when she thought she was asking to buy him a drink, I misled her out of love. And spite. But mostly love.

Happy Mothers’ Day, Momma.