The Ref: So Happy Together

TexasGal is off on another baseball trip, so please excuse me if this post has 38% less baseball than usual.  – TSW

TOUCHDOWN: More Throw-Back Unis! Padres Edition
Over at UniWatch they talk with Will DeFord from the Padres Guest Services department about the mishmash of different years used in the old new brown and yellow unis that the Padres wore last night.  Any post that uses the term “sannies” is alright with me. [UniWatch]
OFFSIDES: Mavericks
Some Dodger fans (!) have decided that the Mavs and Cuban need a new logo after their early upset this season.  If they need more of these models we can go back to my mom’s house and raid my baby sister’s My Pretty Pony Collection. [Sons Of Steve Garvey]
Was Oscar De La Hoya really sparring with a former ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant Mario Lopez?  Pretty much all I know about boxing comes from Rocky, and I’m pretty sure that Rock would have at least tried to workout with Master P. [The Feed]
Ike Taylor of the Pittsburgh Steelers is selling his pimped out ’86 Monte Carlo.  I’m the first to admit that the only show I still watch on MTV (and Tivo) is ‘Pimp My Ride’, but I don’t know if the guys at Gas and West Coast would approve of this redo.  Xzibit! Please pimp my ride! [MondesisHouse]
TOUCHDOWN: Ladies!                                                  We made the Blog Show this week!  Look a us playing with the big boys from With Leather, Mondesi’s House, and Deadspin.  Flattery will get you everywhere when it comes time for the seeding Mottram.[MisterIrrelevant & The Dude Abides & DC Sports Blog]

8 thoughts on “The Ref: So Happy Together

  1. Hank Scorp — I think Cowher is lucky he got his wife & daughter out of town when he did, ’cause you know that the linebacking street-pimp would have been putting his pitch to the youngest, still-in-high-school Cowher Girl.

  2. Thanks to my hero for pinch hitting for me. Oops, there’s more baseball talk- I really need to cut back on it. (yeah, I know- it won’t ever happen)

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