The Ref: Jinxed Edition

TOUCHDOWN: Alex Rodriguez
It has come to our attention, after Torii Hunter got pegged by a fastball to the face not long after he was featured here, that there may be a Ladies… curse. If this is the case, my heartiest congrats and well wishes go out to A-Rod, for his continued dominance in the “Mr. April” title race. Many happy (jinxed) returns, buddy.
[Baseball Analysts]
First he claims Schilling’s bloody sock was a fake. And now, that he’s gotten called on it, he’s backpedaling faster than you can say, “Schilling will eat you for breakfast” — and now claims that it was all a big misunderstanding. Sure it was. Why wouldn’t we believe exactly what you say, Gare-Bear?
[Over The Monster]
OFFSIDES: Nick Saban
Convert to the ways of the Saban. Resistance is futile. 92,000 Bammers have already paved the way, if spring game attendance is any indication. There are just a few simple rules you need to learn. 10 to be exact- you might even call them commandments.
[Digital Headbutt]
CLIPPING: Craig Biggio Haters
Leave my first baseball boyfriend alone. Quit wearing that pin on your hat for cancer kids, Craig! You’re getting old, Craig! I’m gonna plunk you with this pitch, Craig! Your poor production at the plate and horrible OBP remind me of Chase Utley, Craig! Give the guy a break- or he’ll bring the AARP down on you.
TIMEOUT: Sidney Crosby
Public service announcement: TSW and all other Sidney Crosby fans across the land would like me to solicit everyone (no, not in that way) to stop by and throw a few votes his way in the Time 100 voting. He’ll reward everyone by continuing to be ridiculously HOT.
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Pitched four years for the Philadelphia Athletics, and then played shortstop for seven years for the Montreal Expos. Taught Rickey Henderson to steal a base. Taught Nolan Ryan to throw a punch. Taught Mickey Mantle to drink a beer. Threw one seven-hitter and seven no-hitters. Wonderboy was my creation, and first Jobu shrine was in my locker. Often called "the next Dustin Pedroia". Always wear high socks and eyeblack. Prefer to slide headfirst.

8 thoughts on “The Ref: Jinxed Edition

  1. I think Gary Thorne has a good voice for broadcasting, but this was just dumb judgment on his part. And even if it was fake, who cares?

    I like Biggio too. Leave the man alone!

  2. Every time I see Sidney Crosby, I want to go, “ONE. Cut a hole in a box.” He’s so cute, but he looks like a sporty Andy Samberg (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    If our love puts the malocchio on our favorites, am I going to have to start saying things like, “YOU SUCK, COLE. I LIKE CHIPPER JONES NOW”?

  3. I love reading stuff like this:

    Mike Sweeney had trouble controlling his emotions after learning of the effect his homer Wednesday night had on an 11-year-old Overland Park fan on the eve of brain surgery. Sweeney had promised to try to hit a homer after speaking with Matt Herndon before the game.

    Sweeney had a voice-mail message waiting from Matt after the game and spoke Thursday morning with Matt’s father, Bob Herndon, while Matt was undergoing surgery in Dallas.

    “His father told me that he and his wife are a wreck,” Sweeney said, “but that Matt was so excited this morning; that he seemed so strong.”

    Matt wasn’t able to see the homer on TV, but he soon learned about it from a flurry of calls from friends. He was later able to see a tape of the homer via an Internet broadcast.

    “He called me about it,” Sweeney said, “and I was choking back tears.”

    From (

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