Hottie Hit & Run


Ooooh, Torii’ Hunter’s in trou-ble!  This past weekend, he fulfilled a promise he had made last September, by rewarding the KC Royals with four bottles of Dom Perignon (what, no Veuve Clicquot?) for sweeping the Detroit Tigers, giving the Twins first place in the American Central.  And guess who broke the news??  Why, a a blog did it. [I’m sure if this had happened to the Vikings, they wouldn’t have sent something as innocent as champagne.]

One same day his child was due to be born, Dontrelle Willis pitches the Marlins to victory over the Braves.  All I did the day Baby Mets was born was attend my baby shower at work.  [Willis also singled and tripled? Someone’s happy to be a dad!]

 Meanwhile, in Yankee land, A-Rod continues to obliterate everything in his path.  He hit 2 HRs yesterday, and is now one home run away from the record for the month of April.  In pitching news, Phil Hughes will make his major league debut on Thursday, against the Blue Jays. [Let’s see how Clemens Lite performs on Thursday.]

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Mark Prior (who?) will have exploratory surgery.  I wonder what could possibly be up in there. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that Prior’s shoulder was being held together with silly string and some Play-Doh..]


Carlos Delgado hits first HR of the season (finally!  He’s been a gaping hole on my fantasy roster), and then pulls a T.O. – he caught the final out of the game, signed the ball, and gave it to fan!  That’s pretty awesome. I would love a ball signed by Delgado – especially one that his phone number underneath his signature.]

4 year-old hottie Caden Thomas was minding his own business, watching from the sidelines at a youth football festival, when Colorado State WR George Hill crashed into him. Poor Caden – he needed 30 stitches to close up the cut on his head. So, we’re naming our kids “Caden” now?]

 And in the NHL and NBA, the playoffs continue.  But that’s just noise to me (go Devils, go Nets!).

16 thoughts on “Hottie Hit & Run

  1. While I hate hate hate to toot Kenny Mayne’s horn (dirty!), he did make a funny last night on SC. He said Dontrelle should call his daughter, “Whachyoutalkinbout.”

    Well, *I* laughed.

  2. playoffs are just noise? That makes me sad. If the NHL playoffs didn’t directly correlate with final exams it would be be the greatest time of the year.

  3. Janalee – they’re not just noise to everyone else. As a matter of fact, there are several hard core hockey fans among our Ladies…

    I’m just all about the baseball.

  4. Metschick – It’s the fact that they’re just noise to anyone makes me sad. But I guess I feel that same way about baseball as you do about NHL and NBA playoffs so I can understand.

  5. Janalee – I usually start focusing on the NHL/NBA playoffs by the later rounds. If I paid as much attention to the other sports as I do to MLB, DYFS would pay me a visit.

  6. Poor Torii! Poor Prior!

    Also, I care about NBA and NHL combined about 1/100000000000000000th as much as I care about baseball, metsy, so you’re not alone. However, I know no one cares about college baseball and a lot of people don’t care about college football either.

    But we can all appreciate hotties in any sport.

  7. Janalee – This is my baseball season.

    March/April – What? Baseball already? Ok, I’ll watch.

    May – July – ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (I even go to games in this time.)

    Aug – FOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTBBBBBBAAALLLL! Oh, baseball play offs are coming? Ok, I’ll think about it.

    Sept – Crap. Time to read past five months of TheSportingNews.

    Oct – Yeah! 169 games later (or 5070 in games in total) and we finally get to the part that counts!

  8. How dare you say some people don’t care about college football Tex. College football is a religion (which, unfortunately, some people in Alabama take seriously). You take that back. I will not live in a world where people don’t like college football.

  9. Has Dontrelle been married nine months?

    Something tells me his bride shouldn’t have worn white at the wedding….

  10. TG, I actually call college baseball, so I have a lot of love for the sport.

    And who doesn’t like college football? Not 92,000+ at the Alabama spring game.

  11. What you had Baby Mets the same day as your baby shower? Is it supposed to work that way?

    Really how often can you make it rain at a baby shower?

  12. Caden sounds like a soap opera name.

    First slump ARod goes into and the fans are going to be all over him. I don’t mind ARod, but I am just counting down till Yankee fans find something to bitch about.

  13. Hank: My family baby shower was 11 days before Baby Mets was born. The people at work held my shower two days before my last day. On the way home, my water broke.

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