The NHL Playoffs of Hotness: Conference Finals

These are my favorite kind of pictures!

First off, congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks!!!  While Hawks captain Jonathan Toews was eliminated in Round 2, I’m sure he’ll be happy with the consolation hardware he collected on the ice.

So hockey is officially over until October, but we’re not done with hockey here.  It’s Conference Finals time!   We’re down to the final four, and the polls close on Sunday night at 8pm EST.  So vote away after the jump. 

Prince of Wales Conference Final

Adams Divsion Winner – Matthew Lombardi

Love. This. Man.

Patrick Division Winner – Brooks Laich

Seriously this man is hot. Nothing beats Brooks Laich in a suit.

Campbell Conference Final

Smythe Division Winner – Antoine Vermette

I think the NHL should allow Vermette to play shirtless. What do you think?

Norris Division Winner – Mike Cammalleri

I know this picture is kinda funny, but upon further inspection, I only have 2 words for you: Whoa. Thighs.

Alright, now get to voting!!

3 thoughts on “The NHL Playoffs of Hotness: Conference Finals

  1. Does Mathew Lombardi have a neck?No really it’s like his shoulders and then his head. That’s it. Also has Vermette had a shirt on in any of these poll pictures? I call biased polling…but in a good way.

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