World Cup Hotties: Group C

This being a North American-centric blog, there’s going to be a lot of focus on this group.  But let’s start with the two lesser-known rosters first.

No, wait: first go sign up for the Ladies… World Cup Pick’Em Challenge over here. (The password is “ladies”.) Now, let’s talk soccer hotties.

Slovenia has a nice collection of hotties, particularly if you’re into rangy white Europeans:

Boran Jokic

Robert Koren

Andraz Kirm

Branko Ilic

My biggest problem with Algeria is that it’s very difficult to find photos of several of their smoking hot players.  (Seriously, go check the photostream.)  In the meantime here’s:

Habib Bellaid

Karim Matmour

Lacen Medhi

Yahia Anther (note: this is how FIFA spells his name — I found at least three distinct spellings on Google)

There’s obviously no shortage of photos of English players… and even on a team that has Wayne Rooney and doesn’t have Beckham there’s still plenty of pretty to choose from.

Jermain Defoe

Steven Gerrard

Michael Dawson

Joe Cole

I’m probably biased, but the US side is remarkably good-looking this year.  Not an Alexi Lalas in the bunch (and I loved Lalas, but you remember his hair).

DaMarcus Beasley

Landon Donovan

Edson Buddle

Oguchi Onyewu

Clint Dempsey

Is it tomorrow yet?

9 thoughts on “World Cup Hotties: Group C

  1. I cannot wait for tomorrow to get here! No Benny Feilhaber?

    I forgot him on my list too and was super bummed at myself. He’ll be getting a special shout out next week :)

    Keep em coming!

  2. Yeah, this Landon Donovan pic is really, really creeping me out. However, Beasley, Cole, Jokic…ooo I’m excited!!

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