The NHL Playoffs of Hotness: Round 2


Ovi is the new Hendrix. That, or he's testing his Jedi mind powers to move matter.

Readers, you have raised my eyebrows. Sid the Kid, knocked out of the first round by Flyer Mike Richards. Steckel, running away with the votes in his tiebreaker against RYAN KESLER (and NO, Raven, that baby photo was not a ploy ;))

The Divisional Semis are complete. Round 2 heats up with eight fellas worthy of Blanche Devereaux’s attention (rest in peace, Rue). Make your choice after the jump now through Sunday at 8PM Eastern.

Prince of Wales Conference: Adams Division


More than just a pretty face, Steckel is a wall of stone.


Oh, Matt. You left the 2010 Playoffs too soon.

Prince of Wales Conference: Patrick Division


Brooding Brooks


I agree, Raven! What is with the Hawks and those green screen photos? Also, that tie.

Campbell Conference: Smythe Division


Toews is rocking the Stanley Cup Finals beard (AP Photo)


Oh, this isn't even fair.

Campbell Conference: Norris Division


Let ME help you with that tie, Mike!


I like a man who honours tradition.

Vote now! And tell your friends!

7 thoughts on “The NHL Playoffs of Hotness: Round 2

  1. I cannot tell you how angry I am that I was on vacation and come home to find that the polls are closed!! So sad.

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