NFL: I have to root for WHO now?

Do not try to win me over with those abs, Jason. I'm not that kind of girl.

I hate Jason Taylor.

I am a Jets fan, so hating Jason Taylor is as natural as breathing.  Moreover, Jason Taylor has been a Dolphin since 1997, and I have only been a Jets fan since 2002. The Jets have been through 2 GMs, 3 head coaches, 5 starting QBs, and a whole mess of punters in that time — which means hating Jason Taylor has been one of the few consistent things about my Jets fandom.

So you can see how the past week has been a bit difficult for me.

On top of that, one of my favorite Jets, Leon Washington, was traded to Seattle last week.  Leon broke his leg in our game against the Raiders last year, and while his absence allowed for the emergence of Shonn Greene, I’m really sad that this is the last time I’ll see him as a Jet:

I can’t do this, Jets.  Look, players get traded, I get that.  Free agents hop teams and loyalties get transferred — at this point we’ve picked up so many former Patriots I’m starting to think Woody’s paying Belichick a finder’s fee.  But Jason Taylor?  I have to clap and yell “WOOOO JT!” or whatever his nickname is (the nicknames I have for him right now are, um, unbloggable)?  And I have to do all this while knowing Leon’s out there returning kicks for Pete Carroll?

No.  Can’t do it.  And really, Jets you’re going to have to really make it up to me for even suggesting …

I mean, it’s not like we picked up a new back-up RB who’s every bit as cute as ….

Or that we have plenty of rookies who don’t have all that Miami baggage and are genuinely …

….genuinely happy to be in New York, and maybe going to be defensive stars themselves one day…

Oh, OK fine, Jets, I forgive you.  Mostly.

I reserve the right to continue hating Jason Taylor.

1 thought on “NFL: I have to root for WHO now?

  1. I totally feel your pain. If the Bengals traded for Ray Lewis I would be SERIOUSLY pissed. That said, Taylor is some choice eye candy even if he is past his prime.

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