2010 Draft – What Were They Thinking??

So the draft came and went, and I have to say that I really wasn’t super excited about this. Will the Bills pick up a QB? Will we get some more horrid rookie OL? Maybe a RB? Too many questions (so I opted for happy hours) and much to my surprise, more or less everyone is disappointed with the Buffalo Bills’ choices.  Self included. Let’s take a look, shall we?

No surprise here. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? Maybe the Bills trade up and somehow grab him! Maybe we ditch Spiller for him (yeah right). Who knows! But here is my 2009 hero, Ndamukong Suh, with his new Detroit gear. Sigh.

Oh good. Cleveland recognized that getting rid of Quinn was one of the best things they could do, as it made room for one of my favorite QB prospects – Colt McCoy. Congrats, guys. This move looks much better…

…than having a decent QB named Kyle Orton, bringing on a meh QB of 2 year old washed up fame named Brady stupid Quinn, and then saying “Hey, know what we could use? A QB! Let’s grab this Tebow fellow, I hear great things!” Barf. Nice teeth, Tim.

This, obviously being the only Bills choice I can really get excited about, is Clemson RB C.J. Spiller. Great prospect, especially since it looks like we’re losing Lynch (oh no). The rest of our choices?

Not quite as exciting. Don’t get me wrong – the DT from Central Florida, Torrell Troup, has some decent stats. But that never really means or translates into real football. Grown man football. Prove me wrong, TT.

We also picked up Arkansas Defensive End Alex Carrington (there also appears to be a gentleman in porn with the same name – thanks, Google images). Another decent prospect, but I feel that there are things we needed much more than this.

Another WR – UConn’s Marcus Easley…

…Thank god – another rookie for the offensive line! Virginia Tech’s GIANT of a guy – OT Ed Wang…

…James Madison DE Arthur Moats…

…Danny Batten – another DE from South Dakota (and one I’ll probably pay a little closer attention to, should he make it out to the field)…

…yoinked from the Eagles – Troy QB Levi Brown (another decent prospect)…

…and last but not least, Iowa Offensive Tackle Kyle Calloway.

So there you have it. Where the big names went, and who my beloved Buffalo Bills got. Here’s to a…well…decent season? Maybe? Please?

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5 thoughts on “2010 Draft – What Were They Thinking??

    • Incorrect. Tebow is not good and will not be good. Nor is Quinn. Broncos are setting themselves up for a bigger disappointment than the Browns did in taking Brady in ’07.

      Don’t be bitter because all 3 are probably better than the GIANTS QB

  1. Tebow strikes me as a Brad Smith type, with better blocking skills and a slightly stronger arm. Whether that’s enough to make him stick as a QB when Smith couldn’t seems doubtful to me.

    I kind of enjoyed the draft just because so many OU boys went early. And Buff, I think Spiller may be a great pro; I had to watch way too many Clemson games last year for some reason, he always seemed to be everywhere.

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