Hit & Run: It’s Spring Somewhere Edition

I want to go to there.

It rained all day Tuesday in New York, it was cloudy all day Wednesday, and by the time this posts we’ll be in the middle of yet another snowstorm/frozen rainstorm.  I really can not deal with talking about sports played on snow and ice today.  Let’s look in on spring training again, why don’t we?

It was Media Photo Day in Phillies camp, where apparently this year’s posing options were The Natural…


The Mug Shot …

I put up Ryan Madson's instead of Charlie Manuel's. You're welcome.

or, Being Jayson Werth.

Maggie called dibs on the official Ladies response on the beard, so I'll just say "no comment."

Elsewhere, the Yankees were practicing for the spring training talent show.

"Dude, I'm seriously doubting your commitment to YankeeMotion."

Vernon Wells, on the other hand,  can’t even master dressing himself.

"Damn, I know I could do this last year..."

Lance Berkman, however, spent some time fielding questions from the media like the dignified 10-year veteran he is.

Psst, Lance! Lance! You have something on your... oh, forget it.

But, hey, if I was suddenly forced to go to work in a place where it is sunny, 70 degrees, and baseball is being played, I might go a little crazy with joy myself. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “Hit & Run: It’s Spring Somewhere Edition

  1. Must…resist…urge to comment…on…Werth’s beard!

    I feel terrible for you gals in that corner of the country! My region had two straight winters of constant weather bombing, so I know the feeling.

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