Hit & Run: It’s Spring Somewhere Edition

I want to go to there.

It rained all day Tuesday in New York, it was cloudy all day Wednesday, and by the time this posts we’ll be in the middle of yet another snowstorm/frozen rainstorm.  I really can not deal with talking about sports played on snow and ice today.  Let’s look in on spring training again, why don’t we?

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Take Us Out to the Ball Game: The Ladies…do Nationals Park.


You may have noticed that your Ladies…have a bit of a baseball problem. It’s a sickness. We’re sad, strange people incapable of planning a road trip without checking the baseball schedule in our destination city. This summer alone, the Ladies…will be visiting ballparks all over this great nation (and possibly Canada!) and you get to reap the rewards. Planning a visit to new Yankee Stadium? We’ve got you covered. Wondering what you should eat at Miller Park? We’re on it. Need to know where not to sit at Fenway? We’re there.

This week, we take on baseball in our nation’s capitol. That’s right. A Phillies/Nationals game at brand-spanking new Nationals Park. Or, frankly, Citizen’s Bank Park South.

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French Open Tennis: First Round Hotties

Tennis is probably the sport I have spent the most cumulative hours watching in my lifetime. That, and NASCAR. Why? Well one, my mom is a tennis freak. So if there is a Grand Slam on TV (i.e. US, French, or Australian Opens and Wimbledon) we were watching it. Each Grand Slam is a 2ish week tournament. Two solid weeks of tennis on the TV every single day. So thats 8 weeks each year of at least 3 hours a day… I don’t feel like doing that math, but it seems like a lot.

Wow, that was a boring story, the point of which being that I still watch a lot of tennis. And this year’s French Open is packed full of man-candy. The first round is still underway, but here is a compilation of hotties who have, so far, played their hearts out in the opening round of this tournament on clay. Enjoy.

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