Hit & Run: The Late Edition

Red Sox

Happy Friday everyone! I already broke my New Year’s resolution to not curse under my breath every time I read about the Boston Red Sox. This was prompted by the news that Adrian Beltre was officially introduced to the Fenway fold today. He’ll replace Mike Lowell at third base (which is sad, truly. I like Mike Lowell.) I happened to be reading a tweet of Pete Abraham’s over lunch, in which Scott Boras was quoted as saying “I think we’ve built a great stage here and there’s a chance for this rocket to take off.”

Hmm, “rocket”? Is it safe to use that word in Red Sox Country once again without, you know, getting yelled at?

Anyway, good move for the Red Sox and hopefully we’ll see a rebound in Beltre’s numbers (just not during Yankees/Sox games)

More Hit & Run fun after the jump…


Rick Dipietro is back between the pipes tonight for the New York Islanders as they visit the Dallas Stars. He hasn’t played an NHL game since last January. Islanders fans are hoping/wishing/praying this helps turn the team’s fortunes, as they sit in last place in the Atlantic Division with 44 points. But hey, at least they’re .500.


We at Ladies… congratulate Andre Dawson, former Cub and Montreal EXPO on his election to Cooperstown. A winner of eight Gold Gloves, a 1987 National League MVP and 1977’s Rookie of the Year, Dawson still holds a number of records with the Montreal club (because it’s now Washington and who the hell is going to surpass him) Also, check out the socks!

Randy Johnson

We also bid so long to Randy Johnson. The Big Unit retired this week after 22 years in the major leagues during which he scared everyone with his pitching (and mullet!), won a World Series with the Diamondbacks, pissed off Yankee fans and killed a dove. He leaves baseball with one regret: that he never once earned a Hump Day Hottie post.

Yes, the sight of the Big Mullet calls for a palate cleanser. I’ll be in Calgary and B.C. next week for the first time ever. On my to-do list: Flames/Pens on Wednesday night. I leave you with my new favourite commercial, equal parts Flames and Team Canada awesomeosity. See you in two weeks!

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