Wait, a Buffalo team? Doing well?

Say it ain’t so, Sabretooth!

In all seriousness, I’m well aware that I’m known for whining just a bit. Can’t help it, all of my teams are, well, cursed you could say. So when one of them starts doing well, I get a little excited and decide after a holiday and birthday hiatus to dedicate an entire post to how hot my beloved Buffalo Sabres are, but never fear: I never count my chickens…

So as of right now, the Sabres are first in the Northeast. Ahead of the Bruins. By 10 points and 6 wins. Hence my excitement. And while I know this doesn’t really mean much yet, a girl can still dream. Let us explore the gems of this team.

Starting with an old fave – Paul Gaustad. In his pro career he’s been loyal to Buffalo and is currently one of the alternate captains. Oh, and he’s pretty hot, especially in black and white.

Another alternate captain and another forward – Jochen Hecht. Bit of an intense photo, but I figured it really captured the essence of his facial hair. That and it was a nice looking one that happened to pop up from something all in German (he is one of the only current German born players, after all).

I’ve always had a weird soft spot for Derek Roy. Even though he apparently wears white suits…
And of course boss Miller cleans up well (congrats on making Team US, Miller time ♥ )

Let’s throw some D in the mix. Hell, let’s throw the C up in here. Craig Rivet’s been around the block (or at least around the block from Montreal alllll the way down and over to San Jose, and now back on up and over to Buff) and while he is an older member, I still quite like him.

Another odd soft spot – Nathan Paetsch. I think it’s the blue eyes. Come on, if the roster photo alone was enough for me to stop and go yes, this is the photo I shall use, he’s in.

Last but not least, the new kid on the block – left wing Nathan Gerbe. He’s definitely one of the youngest on the Sabres and I was tempted to type Gerbe…r every time, but he shows some promise. Long as he can avoid creepy facial hair (such as neck beard and above soul patch) I think he’ll prove to be a great addition to the team.

So if you like Buffalo or at least have some respect for the team and everything they’ve been through, go knock on some wood – this 28-11-5 ain’t gonna last…

3 thoughts on “Wait, a Buffalo team? Doing well?

  1. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how easy on the eyes Steve Montador is. He just needs to remember to put his teeth in before talking to the media.

  2. I’m a big Ryan Miller fan, and like Hecht a lot. He used to play for my Blues. And since they are stinking it up at home, and I have center ice, I’ve been watching The Sabres games. Hope they continue doing well.

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