Mid-week Inspiration Break

I was diagnosed this week with a sinus infection and tonsilitis.   I missed three days of work, couldn’t sleep for two days because my throat hurt so bad, and basically felt so terrible it felt like I’d never be healthy again.  Then, while staring blankly at some random digital channel yesterday, I was introduced to someone who put all of my recent woes into perspective.

Meet Seun Adebiyi.

As Seun himself puts it on his blog,

I was born in Nigeria and just graduated from Yale Law School. Now I’m trying to make history as the first Nigerian delegate to compete in the Winter Olympics. To succeed I will have to beat the qualifying standards, as well as stem cell leukemia, lymphoblastic lymphoma, anemia, and possible infections. I’ll also have to find a donor for a bone marrow transplant.

Yeah, that sounds just like my to-do list.  Minus the Olympics, and the bone marrow transplant, and, um…

Did I mention Seun’s also using his experiences to raise awareness about the National Bone Marrow Registry and attract 10,000 new potential donors?

Seun’s goal is to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics for Nigeria.  Let’s hope he arrives in Russia not only fully healthy, but with a 10,000 + cheering section behind him.

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