Were Baaaacckkkk!

Today is the second day in March. February, the most dreaded of all months (sportswise) has officially ended. And while Spring is on the horizon, the weather in the Northeast (and even in the South) refuses to cooperate and has mean-spiritedly dumped inches of snow all over the place.  However, we here at the Ladies… have piled on our parkas and snowboots and will trudge through the slush to give you what you have all been missing: US!

We have all enjoyed our break. February not only sucks for sports, but life decided to pile on all of its nonsense as well.  So what have we missed?

Even covered in soda, he's still blander than Apples and Cinnamon.

Well for me, I watched a craptastic, rain-shortened worthless Daytona 500. The start of the NASCAR season is always likened to the Super Bowl of motorsports. But given that the last 2 Superbowls were pretty stinking awesome, this race hardly lived up to the hype. Plus Matt Kenseth won, and he’s about as exciting as a bowl of instant oatmeal (the flavorless kind).  What happened in Week 2 at Fontana? Quaker Oats for the WIN. Ugh. BOOORING.  At least in week 3 someone else won. But that someone happened to be Kyle Busch, my least favorite drive in the whole 43 car field. Why God? Why do you hate me?

Sometimes the Getty tag covers up the ugly...

Sometimes the Getty tag covers up the ugly...

College basketball has sucked up nearly all of my sports brain. I hate what a homer I am sometimes, but when your team is in the top ten in the country and every single game is on tv, and you have a harem of girls to give you basketball tickets because they don’t care and you do, it’s easy to get pulled in.  Two quick losses at the beginning of the season had pundits and bandwagon fans leaping off the Tarheel bus with a quickness. But after those 2 losses they went on a ten game winning streak. It was Awesome. Not all of the wins were pretty, but a W is a W, and I’ll take them. Then came the Maryland game. I knew my team would lose again. It was bound to happen with the ACC as good as it is this season. But why sweet baby Jesus, why did it have to be to Maryland??? How I hate them. The Duke rivalry is a hatred one cannot explain, but it is paired with the respect of knowing that they are good and have achieved similar successes. Maryland? Trashy, loudmouthed, bad sportsmanship,  awful fans, sweaty coach. UGH UGH UGH. GREIVIS STUPID ASSHAT VASQUEZ!!!!! His douchebaggery knows no bounds. I remember last year when Maryland beat us at the Dean Dome, Roy Williams litterally came out to center court to shake his hand and that jackass walked away from him and refused. I hope he gets hit by a bus.


On a happy note: Tyler Hansbrough (aka Future Father of My Children), broke ANOTHER record. Most made freethrows in NCAA history. It’s a pretty amazing record. Not UNC history. Not ACC history. ALL OF THE NCAA. EVER.  It’s a pretty amazing feat.

And there is one more major record on Tyler’s horizon. With only 2 games left in the regular season – away at V-Tech and home against Duke- and then the ACC and NCAA Tournament, Hansbrough has more than a legitimate shot of breaking the ACCs all-time scoring record. Tyler currently has 2,678 career points (if my sources are correct). JJ Redick scored 2,769 points over his 4 years at Duke. So if my math skills serve (and they rarely do) Tyler needs less than 100 points to pass JJ for the all-time ACC scoring record. If he keeps averaging 20ish points a game, then it should only take about 5 games for him to do this. A Tar Heel needs to be at the top of that list, IMO.

What about you readers, what have you been watching in our absense? Any major sports moments that you wish we would have gotten off the couch and covered?

11 thoughts on “Were Baaaacckkkk!

  1. Aside from wallowing in the pool of February despair, I have been following the Chicago Blackhawks very closely, as well you all should have been. If not from a “pretty good, young hockey team on the rise” standpoint, there is always “pretty good, young hockey team on the rise full of cute single guys” standpoint.

  2. Aw, this post makes me miss the snow. Stupid Pacific Northwest.

    Also, welcome back! You should post a guide of how I should pick my March Madness brackets.

  3. Combine. Wow. How can you not enjoy watching hot young men turn up the heat and flaunt all the peacock football feathers of talent!

  4. Nothing’s happening with my favorite team. Nope. Nothing at all. No big stars returning from injury, no copious amounts of goals, no shutouts…nothing.

  5. Feb. really sucked. The Pens are still tanking, the Bengals offseason has been horrible, and even the combine, pretty though it was, was a downer thanks to stupid Andre Smith going AWOL. Damn it I was hoping Cincy would draft him but now I am terrified that they will!

    But March Madness is on the way and the Ladies… are back! Hooray! :)

  6. OMG, I’ve been so bored waiting for y’all to return. I’ve been watching nothing but NBA. Couple of spring training games. The A-Roid saga. Can’t wait for baseball season. Just counting the days. I wonder how Pat Burrell gonna look in a Ray’s jersey?? That one really caught me off guard. And John Smoltz with the Red Sox, my fave old man pitcher. Welcome back!

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