Weekly MLB Rankings: No More Cubbies!

You may have noticed that I missed a couple weeks of rankings. For last week, I highlighted the first one-third of the season stat categories leaders. That conveniently did not include any Cubbies. And then the Cubbies snapped their ridiculous winning streak! So I’m going to find a way to get around featuring the Cubbies at the top until they are no longer there! Haha! Go Cardinals! This week, I’m ranking the divisions. I averaged the rankings of each of their teams (1st number) and computed the division’s overall winning percentage (2nd number).

1st place: AL East at 9.2 and .542. All the teams in this division are at .500 or better, even the lowly Orioles. That’s pretty impressive.

Can anybody name anyone in this picture?

2nd place: NL Central at 12.3 and .530. Likewise, this division has 4 teams at .500 or better. Maybe we’re not so much the NL Comedy Central this year, eh?

This is Pujols’s reaction to one of the worst strike calls ever.
I’m surprised he didn’t start wailing on the ump with his bat.
You know if Pujols thinks it’s bad, it probably wasn’t a strike.

3rd place: NL East at 14.4 and .505 and 4th place: AL West at 14.5 and .498. Both these divisions would be doing considerably better if they could drop the Washington Nationals and Seattle Mariners, respectively. If each division could drop those dead weights, the AL West would be 1st and the NL East would be 3rd. Boooo, Washington and Seattle. Booooo! Queens of Putrescence! Boooo!

Rob Corddry plays for the Marlins?

They’re happy because they don’t play for the Mariners.

5th place: AL Central at 20.2 and .463. This division is really hurtin’ after the White Sox, which should let them cruise to a victory fairly easily.

I just really enjoyed this picture. Clever.

6th place: NL West at 21.0 and .454. The Dbacks are 5 games above .500. Everybody else stinks.

I’m kind of partial to the red uniforms. Not sure why.

20 thoughts on “Weekly MLB Rankings: No More Cubbies!

  1. I remember back before the season started when some people said the teams in my division (except the Giants, obviously) were going to do well. I laughed at them then, and I laugh at them now.

    Of course, now that I’ve written this, they’ll all have a great second half. Bah.

  2. Sometimes (like right now), I would like to pretend that the Iowa Cubs (Triple-A) don’t exist. Can we get some Cub-denial at every level?

  3. Huh. That’s funny. Because I tried to watch the last two innings of the Cubs game last night, but I got so terribly bored that I switched the channel to The Princess Bride!

  4. LA, as much disdain as I have for the Baby Bears, it’s become secondary to my intense hatred of Lance Berkman and the Assholestros. And the Juice Box is a joke of a park.

  5. As for the Albert picture and quote, an old time umpire once was quoted as saying to a young catcher who had a problem with called strikes on Ted Williams, “Son, Mr. Williams will let you know when it’s a strike.”

    Same goes for El Cinco.

  6. @Cosmic Anna – Princess Bride is clearly a fantastic movie and should be viewed at all possible opportunities. You’re right, the Cubs did look kinda boring last night. But, only b/c they were kicking Dodger ass so hard they made it look easy ;-)

  7. I knew there was Joe Maddon and Shawn Riggans…?

    But show me a picture of any member of the PawSox and I can tell you who they are. (/modest)

  8. Okay, I know that you’re a cardinals fan and all and that this is your site and you can do whatever you want with it but when you’re starting to just stop writing things like this for a few weeks just because you don’t want to acknowledge that the cubs are actually a good team, that’s just not fair to your readers.

    But honestly, did you realize that you talk more about hating the cubs than loving the cardinals. Maybe it’s just because I’m a fan of baseball, not just certain teams and the fact that I like honest, fair journalism and I know that this site isn’t professional and it’s not trying to be but come on now, love your team more than you love hating the cubs. please.

  9. Ahh. Someone beat me to the Maddon/Riggans/Garza answer.

    My heart belongs to the Cardinals but I’ve lived in St Pete almost two year now, and holy hell this team is fun to watch. (And not bad to look at :) )

  10. Exactly Chitown. Shay, it’s a joke. Lighten up, Francis.

    I know how good the Cubs are. Frankly, I’m excited that the NL Central can claim such a good over record. Seriously. I’m most likely attending the Cubs/Card July 4th weekend series in St. Louis and I hope both teams are still at the top of the standings b/c it’ll be more exciting that way (when we sweep. haha.) I also think this year could be the Cubs/Cards NLCS we’ve all waited for.

    Don’t be such a wet blanket.

  11. Asked..Can Anyone name anyone in this picture???

    yep, thats Shawn Riggans, Matt Garza and Joe Maddon!!! Shawn is SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER HOT!!!

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