Ken Griffey Jr. joined a pretty elite group of baseball players tonight by hitting home run #600 in the first inning against the Florida Marlins. There are 6 men to do it: Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Griffey. Imagine what kind of records Griffey could’ve set if he hadn’t been hurt so much. I was there when Griffey hit #500, wish I could’ve been there for this one too. I always liked Griffey. Plus, he’s adorable. The Ladies… salute you!

10 thoughts on “#600

  1. I grew up outside of Seattle and as like a 5th or 6th grader we had to do this baseball stats project and everybody wanted Griffey as our batter. He was our baseball God (probably what Ichiro is for the younger generations)I did not get him, and hence was stuck with Mike Piazza (I do not know how I remember this). Maybe this is why I hate baseball to this day. Lingering bitterness over not getting to do my stats project on Griffey…

  2. Big congrats to Griffey. There isn’t really anything negative to be said about him–he’s an amazing hitter and there’s no way to take away from that at all.

  3. It is really sad that the guy that alledgedly caught the ball is not planning on giving the ball to Griffey and he’s not the one that caught it. The guy everyone is calling ‘Joe’, since he doesn’t want his name released or meet with the media, took the ball out of the guys hand and tried to run with it. They have it on tape that ‘Joe’ never caught the ball and the real guy had his lawyer at the game. It is sad that the guy that has the ball won’t even meet with Griffey.

  4. Very elite company, particularly when you remove Bonds and Sosa from the list due to their pharmaceutical help. Just one of the most absolutely picturesque swings in all of baseball.

    Good for you, Griff.

  5. Thank bloody God that someone with an OUNCE of integrity is still making headlines and records in baseball.

    @Chitown – Yes, he DOES. What a cutie.

  6. Saw it on TV last night and I am not ashamed to say I misted up a bit. I’m a lifelong Reds fan and I couldn’t be happier for him. (Yes I actually posted the newspaper story the day we got him on my dorm room door-I’m such a dork!) He is one of the only great players of the Steroid Era to be free of allegations, etc. and I think it is a damn shame that because of injuries he will never break the homerun record.

    Congrats Griffey! We love you and all your loveliness (esp. that smile) and you deserve it!

  7. The guy who has the ball is a Marlins season ticket holder, which is odd enough, considering the sea of orange.

    I wish more people could have witnessed it. It was probably the lowest attended 600th home run moment. That’s baseball in South Florida.

    More people probably went to the Hurricanes games this weekend.

    What a swing! Probably the best I’ve ever seen.

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