Choose Your Own Adventure

From the insane amount of “Riley Skinner” searches over the past couple Riley Skinner of days, it’s obvious what you want: uncensored naked pictures of the Skinner flute. Unfortunately, we can’t find them, despite spending approximately seven hours googling him (not a euphemism).

But because we love you the mostestest, we’re offering you the next best thing: the chance to make your own with our official Ladies… Build-A-Skinner.

Print out the template after the jump and draw your own, um, little Deacon. Or big Deacon. Or an “I promise, this hasn’t ever happened before. I guess he’s just shy.” Deacon. Your call.

Riley Nude
Clicky for a big ‘un.  

You’re welcome.

15 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. Oh, oh, hilarious. I can not WAIT to see what y’all can do to Mr. Skinner.

    Good work on Wake Forest’s part to get rid of all the originals. I wish they didn’t do so well.

  2. The originals are DEFINITELY still out there.

    I could get my hands on one (so to speak) if I really wanted to… but I really have no desire whatsoever to see Riley’s dong.

    Yeah, I’m a dude. Sorry.

  3. This reminds me of that toy we played with as a kid where you could draw mustaches and hair on some dude with metal shaving and a magnet.

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