Finally, The Puppy Bowl is going to be in HD

It’s true. This year’s Puppy Bowl IV will be broadcast in glorious high-definition. And to help you prepare for your Puppy Bowl party planning, the nice people at Animal Planet have some tips on decorations, activites, and snacks (both human and canine) to ensure you have the yip-yappiest house on the block come game time.

I hear your snickering out there. You think dogs and football don’t mix.

You are wrong. Completely wrong. The world is full of dogs who’s owners love football and love their pets so much, they cannot help but combine the two. Let’s take a look.

You can’t see it from here, but little Emma here is sporting Brady’s number.

Maybe a Peyton Manning Pep Talk can help this Lab forget that he’s going gray.

Yes, college ball and not a dog. Still. Who puts a helmet on a bird?

Sorry Tiki, not even this guy feels bad for you retiring this season. Maybe this Barber-jersey sporting best friend will invite you to his Puppy Bowl Party.

So. Not. Surprised.

I cannot decide if this jersey fits or not. Or if this retriever is just having fun out there.

Kinda scary. Kinda cute. Still kinda scary.

Pretty sure this is a Mastiff. Pretty sure it is not Joey Porter’s Mastiff.

Considering the old saying saw that pets look like their owners, five bucks says this is Holmgren’s dog.

My research has proven that Pats fans seem to favor the toy dogs. No judgment other than New England fans seem to like the small, pretty, jittery purse dogs usually associated with models. And Tom Brady.

Packers collar, leash, jersey, cheese head, and bumper sticker. In fashion they say after you get dressed, you’re always supposed take off at least one accessory before you leave the house as not to overdo your look. He should have ditched the bumper sticker.

Deep down, he’s a Sooners fan.

Cute, because he was saved the indignity of wearing the helmet.

NFL branded doggie snacks? Seems like something more suitable for NASCAR licensing.

I hate this guy. Really. Considering that he wears it to every game, it must smell like Milkbones in that mask.

And don’t forget, there is the kitten halftime show again this year.

16 thoughts on “Finally, The Puppy Bowl is going to be in HD

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  2. I fully support draping animal companions in team crests and colors – I have several large cats of prey that shall wear #12 this weekend. There was much discussion whether it would be home or away jerseys (I can talk to animals of course). We selected home jerseys, and for their loyalty I have arranged for Mr. Eli’s carcass to be shipped immediately after the game, provided Logan Mankins hasn’t bribed the transport.

  3. So…….
    ….once again, I hate to be “That Guy,” but today is Wednesday, isn’t it? Just saying, I mean, if you wanted to post an HDH I’d be eternally grateful and such.

    Also, Puppies!

  4. Can I just say… I know someone who named their dog Belichick? I mean, Brady would make sense, if you’re a Patriots fan. Randy. Donte, Laurence, whatever– there’s a good number of names to choose from.

    I mean, I’m a Pats fan, but calling a cute little cuddly cheerful loving puppy Belichick is just… wow. Belichick isn’t terribly cuddly, you know?

    It just takes it to a whole new level.

    Cute dog, though. I forgot to ask whether it ate sweatshirt sleeves.

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