That Escalated Quickly

So maybe you’ve seen the nekkid pics of Wake Forest QB Riley Skinner that have been racing around the internets. If not, you can probably find it…oh…maybe…here.

Riley Skinner is Naked.

Now that you’ve seen them, I would like to apologize. I didn’t mean to for this to happen. See, I was at Riley’s playing Scattergories and watching The Dog Whisperer when he asked if I’d like to see his collection of camouflage hats. We went to his bedroom, one thing led to another, and we ended up checking each other for ticks. Innocent enough, right? But before he could say “does this rash look like a bullseye?”, I’d accidentally taken a picture. And then, like, my Sidekick was hacked or something. But, since that one shot is already out there, I guess you should see the other ones I took too.

Naked on Vanity Fair
It Is On a Bearskin Rug
Dick in a Box
Riley Skinner Rolling Stone
Kermit is Naked
Michelangelo David

Hopefully, he can turn all of this, um, exposure into an endorsement deal.  Remington might be out, but there’s always Heinz.  He could be huge in Britain.  Snickersnickersnicker.

Spotted Dick

Or he could always transfer to a symbolically appropriate school.


Either way, I’m probably not going to be invited back.

32 thoughts on “That Escalated Quickly

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  2. ~~This is the best Half-Nekkid Thursday
    I’ve seen in a long time!….

    …Whoops! Wait a minute!



  3. I will definitely never let things get out of control.
    will check around bedrooms for bugs, camera phones, hidden web cams, micro-cams, pen-cameras, heck…make sure that their watches don’t have any lil’ cams.
    i hail ya photoshoppin’ king! :)

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