Blogger Invitational Tournament Championship of Hotness

Despite the very clear directions we laid out for them (ONE PHOTO! ONE LINK!) some of the guys who wanted to be included in the bracket just couldn’t get it right. So we didn’t include them. Ha!

But the weisenheimers who mentioned a hot blogger invitational did give us a good idea for what to do with these fellas. We are nothing if not fickle Ladies, and since the pool of bloggers continues to dwindle, here are three more blogger hotties for your perusal.

Welcome…to The BITCH.

Curtis Granderson,

Eyeblack and high-cuffs? We appreciate your attention to detail.

Such is our pull: Starting Detroit Tigers center fielder Curtis Granderson  (for reals! We have an email from his people to prove it and everything) just missed the deadline. No. 1 seed for sure next year, babe.

Even though everyone is coming to get something from me, some have given me gifts and they all have been very thoughtful. Yesterday I received a collage of photos from our championship ring ceremony. I have received CDs, postcards, pictures from kids of me, which I make them sign. And once I had a sign from a girl wearing my college gear (UIC), and that got my attention. She placed in front of me a sign that asked if I would marry her. I signed it and put “YES!!!” on it. She and her friends were really excited.

Michael Rand, Randball

A well-traveled fellow wearing what looks like an All Blacks sweater. Nice. (I will be very embarassed if this turns out to be a photo from the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian.)

Randball came to us on the recommendation of Sooze of Babes Love Baseball, so you know he’s good. In her email to us, Sooze wrote, “The good people of Minnesota and the readers of RandBall would like to nominate Michael Rand as a late entry to the Hot Blogger Bracket… ’cause he didn’t know about it or something?” In an entry from June 6, Mr. Randball regrets his error.

[W]e did not know about the contest until Sooze demanded an explanation for our absence and fired off a strongly worded e-mail to the Ladies. Sooze is always looking out for us. Apparently we were supposed to enter this thing or something. Who knew? Though it is likely too late to do anything about it — the brackets are set, the hounds have been released — the private e-mails from Sooze and The Ladies have more than made up for the chance to be graded like a piece of meat by other sports bloggers. Jackie Treehorn treats objects like women, man. And the Ladies … they treat objects like men … um … man.

Turd Ferguson, the Ghosts of Wayne Fontes

Maybe just a little.

Mr. Ferguson (sorry dude, we refuse to call you “Turd”) submitted himself after the deadline for entries. But we couldn’t resist sharing that sexy, sexy photo of him in the classic Saturday Night Fever suit with you. From a March Madness post at Ghosts of Wayne Fontes:

Turd: Nice. What about the Indiana v Gonzaga 1st rounder?

Swayze: People who really want to have a good time won’t come to a slaughterhouse. And we’ve got entirely too many troublemakers here. Too many 40-year-old adolescents, felons, power drinkers, and trustees of modern chemistry.

Turd: Indiana or Gonzaga? You lost me Pat..

Swayze: 100% pure adrenaline!

Turd: Please get back to the game.

Swayze: I like Gonzaga. They are that underdog you want to win. It’s like being at the Double Duce and bringing in a pro bouncer. You could make a movie out of it.

PLUS! Ferguson’s brother in blogging, Rupert Entwhisle serenaded the Ladies… with a little tune, and he’s allowed us to share it with you.

29 thoughts on “Blogger Invitational Tournament Championship of Hotness

  1. 1) I still cannot believe that we could have had a MLB player in the mix. And hot one, IN EYE BLACK NO LESS, at that.

    2) Rand is awesome, and Sooze has good taste in men.

    3) I would take a Ghost of Wayne Fontes foursome anytime.


  2. This should be a MORTAL lock. The Turd moves on. Granderson, smanderson – he is 0 for 3 today. maybe he should focus more on the game itself than his blog.

    The funny thing being…the Turd actually had that conversation with Patrick Swayze.

  3. I’m in Detroit, if Grandy is looking! Holy hotness, love him! He is definitely the answer to the terrible team marketing question “Who’s my Tiger?” Rowr.

  4. AND, other Becky, he loves Shaq Diesel. Yes, the WHOLE ALBUM.
    which at the very least means he and I could be BFF.

    oh, and Michael could ball my Rand anytime….

    (reaching? maybe.)

  5. Yeah, I don’t think I could have written a Michael J. Fox-based Swift Boating of Curtis Granderson. I’d be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my days on earth.

  6. Oops … I meant Schilling. By the way Ladies, if Granderson is a 1 seed already, where would the others rank?

    Their ranking of course will determine if I play to win or am just happy with making the tourney.

  7. Granderson or CG as I call him is not married he is single and that was what his whole blog was about, women asking him to marry them.

    But there is something about eye black and high socks that I love, him and Inge are my tigers for the high socks I swear.

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