Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run: All MLB, All the Time

Baseball Hottie Grady Sizemore is Sports Illustrated’s coverboy this month. He’s not off to a smoking start, batting only .254 with 5 HRs and 15 RBIs, but he’ll always be off to a smokin’ start with us Ladies… Woo Woo, Grady. Readers: run, don’t walk, to buy this issue. I’ve heard tell it is chock full of hot Grady pictures. [Cleveland Cutie Graces SI’s Cover]

Fair readers, Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I’m sure some of you are just bumfuzzled about what to give your mom that will properly display your thanks for all those rides to soccer practice, last minute Science Fair projects and, you know, food and clothing and stuff. Well, look no further, because we have just the thing! Well, we don’t have it, per se, but another website does. But you heard it here first! Send your mom an electronic Mother’s Day card from Mets Hottie Hot Hottie David Wright! [Is It Addressed to His Mom or Your Own Mom?]

Cardinals *sob* Cubs’ Hottie Jason Marquis (yeah, I know he’s goofy-looking, but I have always thought he was cute. My article, my hotties. Also, yes I know he hasn’t been a Brave for awhile, but his card is cute. Sue me.) is off to a hot start this baseball season, getting his 5th straight win last night. I would say something about him beating his former team, but that really isn’t much of a feather in his cap this season. Instead, I’ll say that he’s off to a 5-1 start with an ERA of 1.70 and a WHIP of .90. That is ridiculously good; it’s the lowest WHIP and the second-lowest ERA among starting pitchers in all of baseball. I’m glad we let him get away. That doesn’t sting at all. [Marquis Shows the NL Who’s Boss]



Finally, in general Hottie News, ESPN (no, they’re not hotties. But they’re involved) has announced they will be broadcasting the first round of the MLB draft on June 7th. WOO HOO! MLB is finally getting in on some of the Draft [word KSK likes to use]. I think this sounds great because who doesn’t like to ogle underage hotties? The one pictured is Blake Beaven, a senior at Irving High School in Texas. He’s 6’7, throws a low-90s fastball and a mid-80s slider. He also plays shortstop when he’s not pitching. HOT. So Ladies, tune in on June 7th and check out all the first-round MLB draft action. [Spend the Day Wondering if You Are Ogling A College Student or a 17 year-old]

13 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run: All MLB, All the Time

  1. Not bad, MC.

    And guess whose SI cover was fucking ripped in the mailbox yesterday. If you guessed “Pam” you were correct. I hate my postal carrier.

  2. That sucks, Pam.

    I forgot to say this before, but good choice on D-Wright’s picture, Andie. It looks as if he’s searching the crowd for me!

  3. Clare- that is indeed a Biscuits hat. I don’t think they wear that style anymore, but it is indeed a Montgomery one.

    Also: I heart Marquis, too, Andie. But then again, I’m a Cubs fan. He is awful cute, though.

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