Know what, NHL? I really think it’s over between us.


I’ve been thinking about this post for several days now. It took me a while to think of what I wanted to say, because part of me – the awkward teen who used to watch Canadiens games with her little brother on a black-and-white TV in our basement – really didn’t want to admit this. But it’s true.

The NHL is dealing with another lockout. And I honestly don’t give a shit anymore.

I remember 1994. Obviously I haven’t forgotten the lost 2004-05 season. At this point, I have no patience to deal with another battle between billionaires and millionaires. Superstars are already bailing to join pro leagues in Europe (way to show solidarity to the union, boys.) The preseason games are cancelled. Ovechkin’s already told Russian media they’re prepared to sit out the season if that’s what it takes and is posturing about staying with the KHL if he ends up on the short end of the stick when the lockout is resolved. I still don’t understand why the owners would sooner lock out the players rather than continue to work under an expired contract and negotiate in the background like I’ve seen employers and unions do in the real world where people don’t make $7 million a year. I don’t understand how Bettman can have three labour strifes and a few failed hockey teams under his watch and yet continue to hold a job. We already know this is going to do nothing to help struggling teams or make the game more affordable for fans to attend. It’s all about how to split a very sizeable revenue pie. And it’s gross.

Well, guess what, NHL? I’ve been paying less attention to you in October anyway because I love baseball that much. I have NFL and CFL football. I may even watch more NBA. And I have Netflix. I’m not the least bit upset that I will be in two NHL cities come November and I will not feeling the least bit heartbroken if I can’t see the Flames or Canucks when that time comes.

I’m too tired to take sides. I don’t even care enough to plead with these jokers to set aside their differences and think of the fans. We already know they don’t care about the fans, or the support staff for the league or the teams who are facing pay cuts and reduced hours. So this fan isn’t saying another word. In fact, I’m tearing up my imaginary NHL Fan Club card. I’m done giving these guys any more ink (or bloggery space, in this case). This is the last you’ll hear from me about this lockout. And maybe the last you’ll hear from me about the NHL for a long time.

Yes, NHL. We’re breaking up. I left a box of your belongings on the back step. Have a good life.

2 thoughts on “Know what, NHL? I really think it’s over between us.

  1. Aw, Bee! I can’t relate on the NHL front, but with everything that’s gone on with the Knicks this summer (including a horrifying rumor that Dolan’s about to hire Isiah Thomas back in some capacity) I’m considering dumping a team I root for for the first time in my life. I NEVER do that. I look down on people who do that (I’m a JETS fan for pete’s sake). But at a certain point it’s not worth the emotional investment in a team/league that’s not only going to break your heart, it doesn’t care that much about trying to win it in the first place.

  2. I don’t think anyone would blame you for ditching the Knicks. That organization is a mess! At least you have another home team now in Brooklyn (or home-ish…)

    I once switched allegiances on account of a BOY! Now that’s sad.

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