Ladies Links: Rafa Hearts Real Madrid

I am having the world’s craziest work week (Wednesday’s job duties  ran the gamut from making a caprese salad to coordinating logistics with a Fox News film crew) and so this will have to be a links post.  However, as I began writing this post I had no good picture to jazz things up a little.  And then, through the power of serendipity, I stumbled onto a little slideshow called “Rafael Nadal Cheers At A Soccer Match.”  And thus my day and, I hope, yours, is saved.  Unless you are a Machester City fan, I suppose.

  • Last week I developed a new appreciation for my city’s 24/7 public transit system when I learned the Nationals are currently facing the logistical nightmare of postseason games that end AFTER the DC Metro shuts down for the night. As of Wednesday evening, there’s some grandstanding happening in the DC city council but still no actual plan of action.  Between the Strasburg shutdown and this, the Nationals first playoff trip is not quite as triumphant as they were probably hoping.
  • Also from last week (sorry, I was consumed by tennis!): former Formula One champ Alex Zanardi has the best kind of Where-Are-They-Now story.
  • Sports On Earth is fast becoming my favorite sports commentary blog (it’s got all the long form sports writing I like on Grantland without the weird forays into pop culture and pretentiousness).  For the next few weeks, you can enjoy their new feature “Today At The Pennant Races,” written by Joe Posnanski. That’s a lot of awesome, right there.
  • GQ backs me up on the wonderfulness of Chris Paul, by following him to a family reunion. There’s some good pics over there, too.

Happy Thursday!!

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