Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 23

Hot man. Stupid cap.

At some point earlier this week, Games Mistress pleaded in our Top Secret Ladies… Email Exchanges “[Would] someone please do Wes Welker.  So hot, but so much a Patriot.” I offered to hold my nose and do the job.

OMG, YOU GUYS, THE SACRIFICES I MAKE FOR THIS BLOG! I cannot begin to describe the hardship – nay, the emotional distress! – involved in researching this post. I hope you’re all happy now! Y’all owe me!

Is it safe to say Welker is having a career season with the Pats? 104 receptions, 1,380 yards, nine TDs. Also? Hot as all get out, Oklahoma City native, classic story of the littler wide receiver that nobody wanted but is rocking our world (this story is from 2008 and includes the most adorbs photo of little Wes. No doubt his mom knew he was going to break some hearts.)

Forget Tom. Wes is the real Dreamboat of the Patriots.

Couldn't find shirtless, so have a stretching photo (Photo: Nancy Lane/Boston Herald)

I could just stare at those baby blues all day.

Wes in the snow!

Got Wes? (I couldn't resist.)

Baby blues + more scruff = *sigh*

We also enjoy sweaty Wes at work.


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