Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 22

I waited to post this next ACoH because I didn’t want to adversely affect his last game (shouldn’t have worried) or his Heisman chances (turned out to be a non-factor), or his school’s BCS championship game chances (ditto) and I think we’re far enough away from the Fiesta Bowl that any jinxing will wear off by then.  Thus, I present for your enjoyment Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon.

As a graduate of that other Oklahoma school (and yes, OU being the “other” school in football is really weird) , I have been living in fear of Justin Blackmon for three seasons, as have most non OSU Big XII fans. At 6′ 1″ he’s not super tall by today’s WR standards, but when he’s on the field with those long gangly arms he looks at least 6′ 5.”

Justin recently became only the second person in NCAA history to win the Biletnikoff Award (given to the top college receiver) two years in a row.  Which means — you guessed it, suit pictures!

Aww, he wore an orange tie! So spirited!

However, the real reason I wanted to put Justin up as an ACoH is because of a segment that ran on Sportscenter (scroll to the second video) around Thanksgiving, about his friendship with a young cancer patient. (Warning: my boyfriend had to hug me while I cried after watching it.)

Though dreams of a BCS Championship game slot didn’t materialize, Justin’s still helping Oklahoma State go to its first ever BCS bowl, and he’s sure to make some pro team’s fans very happy this coming draft day.

Look at that intensity!

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