Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 11

It’s my turn to be a complete homer. So much of a homer, in fact, that many of these photos are my own handiwork. Today’s hottie is Manuel* Pina, a catcher in the Royals’ system who caught a few games in the Majors last season.

Manny Pina sure is attractive.

That hair...

*He’s listed everywhere as “Manny,” but a little old bird told me he hates being called that.

I wish that net wasn't there.

I saw the team on the road one night, in Reno.

Manuel Pina.

Warming up in the outfield at Werner Park

More Manny Pina, because there is never a wrong time

This may or may not be my wallpaper?

I think I might have a problem.

From an, erm, alternate angle.

Manuel Pina on deck

Up close. Yay front row seats!

Manuel Pina

Thank you, Venezuela.

ADORABLE. (Getty Images)

A suit! A SUIT! (Click for source)

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