Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 9

You’ve been patiently waiting to open the door on Day 9, so we’re happy to deliver this sweet piece of perfection: veteran Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver. Never mind that the Houston native has had a fantastic Super Bowl-winning career and still has a few magnificent moves in his arsenal despite the years: we love him for his commitment to kids, as you’ll notice here. We also love him for his commitment to battling homelessness (a challenge he and his family dealt with when he was a child) through the Donald Driver Foundation.

So now you have an extra reason to cheer as the Pack continues their drive towards a perfect season Sunday against the Raiders (like we didn’t give you enough reasons last December…)


One of Donald's many Lambeau Leaps.


Partially shirtless is better than no shirtless.


Suited up with Clay Matthews


We LOVE seeing athletes read to kids. Makes the heart melt, you know.


See previous caption (swoon!)


Love that "I'm in the Super Bowl!" smile.


1 thought on “Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 9

  1. He has one of the biggest, bestest smiles – it totally lights up his face and its contagious.

    He also works significantly with Goodwill and has written children’s books and their proceeds go to Goodwill.

    I love seeing him still making plays for my team – I hope he still has a spot on the team next season. It’ll be the end of an era when he’s no longer a Packer

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