Advent Calendar of Hotness

MaggieSox Tweeted this evening about a tradition she has every holiday season and I couldn’t resist stealing the idea and using it for the benefit of our readers.

Presenting the Ladies… Advent Calendar of Hotness (ACoH).

Do you know what an Advent Calendar is? (if you do, skip on down, but I’ve found those areas of the country without a solid German background don’t know about this sort of thing)

Basically, it’s a way to count down the 24 days of Advent and it was started by German Lutherans who would mark down the days with chalk lines on their doorways and, as things do, it’s grown from there.

Now, the most common shape an Advent Calendar takes is a small cardboard box with “windows” that you pull open each day and inside is a piece of chocolate, like so…

Here at Ladies… we have absolutely no problem with cheap chocolate, but we know that there’s something all of us would much rather find behind those little cardboard doors. So check back each morning as we count down the days til Christmas with delectable little morning treats to start your day and help you count down the days til presents!

5 thoughts on “Advent Calendar of Hotness

  1. Gosh, now I really wish I hadn’t had a horrifying typo in that Tweet. I swear, people, I know the difference between ‘begin’ and ‘begun.’

  2. This is the best idea ever!

    (Sadly, however, it reminded me that I forgot to haul out my kids’ Advent calendars last night.)

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