New Hottness Alert on the Buffalo Bills!

And yes, that’s hottness with a double ‘t’. No, not talking specifically about Perry Fewell, the Bills’ new head coach (though he is pretty damn hot right now). I’m talking first of all about the Bills as a whole yesterday (are we sure that was them out there?!) and about their newest addition on the sidelines: Brian Brohm ♥

Fitz is hott. He contributed to 336 offensive yards yesterday, completed 17 of 26, ran many a first downs on his own, and even SCORED his own touchdown on his 31 yard run. No offense, Trent, but me likes the odds of Fitz making this half of our already ruined season at least look ok. And for those of you that don’t know, the Bills squished the fish yesterday in a 31-14 victory over stupid Miami. So much for that first win, eh fellas? Starting to look really good for the team they beat twice that we face Thursday in Canada and that we already beat once…

Draft is hott. The linebacker had one of the FOUR interceptions on top of making some key plays and tackles throughout the game.

Mr. Fred Jackson is hott! 2 touchdowns for Fred yesterday!! Again, sorry Beast Mode, but this beast is doin just fine. 73 yards may not be the best ever, but if you add the two touchdowns, I say hells yes over your 6. Say bye to starting for now!

Rian Lindell is a hott record breaker this week! Granted it was just a personal best that he beat with his fourth quarter 56 yard field goal, but after missing a 44 yarder to some Wide Right flashback love, even I didn’t think he had a chance in hell of making it.

And now, what I’ve been waiting weeks to write about: Brian Brohm ♥  is hott!  (OK fine I’ll stop following his name with a heart every time…for now)  We somehow stole the amazing (and adorable) QB from the Packers’ practice squad! He very well could have gone pro before even finishing at Louisville, but chose to return for his senior year and help the Cardinals become champs in 08.

There are many reasons why I love him. Yes, college stats don’t mean much blah blah blah, but I’m sorry – he was/is a great QB. There are some seriously obsessed Louisville fans that made little fan reels of him on YouTube (and they’re quite fascinating I might add) and there was a reason the kid was picked in the second round by Green Bay. I also like the fact that he’s my age – weird bias but it’s totally swaying my opinion a bit. Third, how many hott QBs have graced Buffalo with their presence? The great Jim was hott, but not like I want to drool over you hott. Flutie? Please. Can’t respect him once his face is on a made up cereal. And Trenty and Fitz, while not total uggos, are really just not doing it for me. Now that Hamdan is gone, make way for the Brohm! Plus, I love him because he can fly…

OK but in all seriousness, I really am very excited for how well the Bills played yesterday, and for the prospect of this new and damn cute QB that we’ll hopefully see get some action on the field in time. Whether our season is over or not, it’s still great to see your team do well, show promise for next year, and hell, screw up someone else’s chances in the mean time!

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1 thought on “New Hottness Alert on the Buffalo Bills!

  1. You are a completely obsessed, psycho. Brian is more than looks and a good arm. You’ll probably never know that–Hottness ;)

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