Ladies… Book Club debuts!

Ladies... Book Club

Welcome to the inaugural meeting of the Ladies… Book Club! Have a seat on our comfy couch. Oh, you can just toss that NASCAR 2007 Media Guide on the floor. Care for a coffee? Cheesecake brownie? Of course Blonde Bomber made those! They are yum.

If there’s anything we love as much as sports and cute boys, it’s curling up with a good book. The Ladies… Book Club is all about what we’re reading in sports-related literature, fiction and non-fiction. As this recurring series develops, we hope to provide you with some recommended reading during those quiet off-season nights – and of course generate plenty of discussion!

Today’s selection – and the inspiration for our new series – is brought to you by one of my little Bees, who came home from the school library with a book that wasn’t Magic Tree House for a change. Curl up with our first recommendation after the jump.


Mike Leonetti’s “A Hero Named Howe” is part of a Hockey Heroes series geared towards kids ages 5 and up and is published by Vancouver’s Raincoast Books.

It’s a cute story about a kid named Charlie who has the good fortune of having his hockey idol, Gordie Howe, show him the ropes at hockey camp. He dreams of becoming a superstar just like the Elbowed One, but wonders if he has the talent and skill to do just that. Along the way, Charlie manages to get some good advice from legendary hockey broadcaster Foster Hewitt (this kid has all the luck).

The book features excellent illustrations of a young Howe by Greg Banning and is a pleasant trip back to a nostalgic era, before Gatorade endorsements and overtime shootouts. Leonetti’s love of the game shines through in every passage. Oh, the good ol’ hockey game!

My little Bee, age 8, enjoyed this book, citing the climatic goal scored by Gordie at the old Olympia rink as his favorite part. It’s worth checking out for the little hockey fan in your life, especially if she or he is a Red Wings fan.

Our next Ladies… Book Club selection will be for grown-ups. Promise!

3 thoughts on “Ladies… Book Club debuts!

  1. Awwww! With my own little one on the way it’s good to know that their are new kid’s books that are sports related. There were so few good sports books when I was a kid other than biographies (which of course I read all of them!).

    I’m a real book nerd so I will be looking forward to the future installments. :)

    • AWWW! Congratulations, thistlewarrior! That’s awesome! I hope you’re feeling great!

      This particular book was first published in 2006, I believe…still very recent. Many of the books from the series are available through Amazon.

      We’re looking forward to bringing you future installments :D It’s a good motivator for me – I need to get spend more time with the Macbook closed and a real book open!

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