Congrats, Florida. Let the Moping Commence.

Last Sunday, I was in the Tulsa airport preparing to fly back East, when I noticed the airport bookstore (which is locally owned), already had a sign out next to their OU merchandise reading “Congratulations Sooners! 2009 National Championship.”  And that’s pretty much when I knew OU was doomed.  (OK, I’m exaggerating.  Kind of.)

Anyway, congratulations Florida, and also to OU for a thrilling season (with two notable exceptions, obviously).  Now I will proceed to mope for the next 24 hours or so.  I originally thought perhaps I’d get some solace from posting some hot athlete pictures, but the problem with that plan is that hot athletes remind me of sports which reminds me of the game.  So I hope you all don’t mind if I invite my Imaginary TV Boyfriend, Lee Pace, to mope (hotly) along with me.

Duke Robinson did WHAT in the first quarter?

Lee also has good reason to mope, since ABC not only canceled his show, on Wednesday they unceremoniously yanked the last three episodes from the schedule. (This has not been a good week for things I like.)  At least he looks way prettier sad than I do.

See? Lee feels my pain.

Can't sleep ... Florida's defense will eat me.

Way prettier.

You know, I’m kind of starting to feel a little better. Thanks, Imaginary TV Boyfriend!

Anytime, GM.

Anytime, GM.

8 thoughts on “Congrats, Florida. Let the Moping Commence.

  1. Condolences. Very few things in sports hurt as much as your team losing the championship. I still feel sad whenever I think of Super Bowl XXIII.

  2. TW, that’s true, I’d rather my team doesn’t make the playoffs than lose in game 7 of the Finals. (2001 is the year I’m thinking…)

  3. GM – I didn’t realize that you and I were linked as such. First, I’m sorry that you had to fly out of Tulsa to get back East. I did that on the 28th last month, and my only saving glory was that my family lives a 15 minute interstate drive from the airport so I didn’t have to sit there for 4 hours while the plane I was supposed to be on sat here in Atlanta. Second, I won’t mention that which occurred last night, but I will say that the D outperformed my expectations. Third, did I mention I’m sorry you had to fly out of Tulsa?

  4. Thanks for the Lee Pace pics – I’m spitting mad about ABC yanking the last 3 episodes – to show us re-runs? Good grief. And condolences on last night – I really couldn’t believe what I was watching.

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