Things CC could buy with $140MM

Last week the New York Yankees offered free agent CC Sabathia a contract worth $140 million over six years. Sometimes when I hear about baseball contracts, it’s just a flurry of numbers: Millions and years, incentives and more millions. But this offer…yow. That’s a ton of money, Holmes.

If Sabathia accepts these boatloads of cash, what could he do with it all?

This Bugatti...and so much more. SO much.

This Bugatti...and so much more. SO much.

With $140MM, CC Sabathia could buy:

Five. Five dollar. Five dollar footlooooooooong.

Five. Five dollar. Five dollar footlooooooooong.

Man, I am so rich. How the heck am I supposed to spend this kind of dough?

"Man, I am so rich. How the heck am I supposed to spend this kind of dough?"

I can’t imagine having that kind of money. Heck, most of the time I can’t even imagine having enough cash to go to a movie or dine out any place with no dollar menu. (As a disclaimer, I *know* ballplayers don’t get paid in lump sums. Duh. So don’t even go there.)

That last item just makes me sick – real people are fledgling and floundering through a legitimately scary economic downturn. Paying for school was going to be hard enough before the shit hit the fan this year, and it’s only going to get worse (I think). Yet a guy who plays baseball as a job could easily pay for my entire college career without even noticing the money was gone. [/soapbox]

What would YOU buy with $140 million?

11 thoughts on “Things CC could buy with $140MM

  1. So I’m in a sports law class and this last week we were doing baseball player negotiations and my team was the Red Sox. The guy representing Teixeira wanted $25million a year. We laughed at him. He referenced A-Rod. We laughed harder. Because ya know, ARod turned out to be a good investment… How is that even possible to make that much money??

    I would buy Cristiano Ronaldo to come play on my own private football team :)

  2. I would buy a nice NYC apartment and a private jet so I would never have to deal with the airlines ever again (holiday travel season is approaching, and I’m not looking forward to it). If I had enough left over, maybe I would buy a minor league baseball team, just for fun.

  3. Yeah, the money pro athletes and celebrities make sicken me, especially when they complain about their salaries. Some of them can be so out of touch with the real world.

    I would settle for paying off my student loans to be honest. Then I would just have to worry about a car payment instead.

  4. I’d pass on the Coyotes too.

    And wow, I know from our perspective tuition is a lot, but that’s actually pretty reasonable at Nebraska as far as tuition goes.

  5. Wow, now that I think about it, it really is unfair how much these athletes get paid. They could support Africa with the money they’re making! It’s sad cause the important jobs like doctors make 100 times less…

  6. A Veyron? *whimpers, claws at screen*

    I’d buy a Koeniggsegg instead, though. Or several Lotuses. Or, you know, start a few hospitals in third-world countries.

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