Frozen Four: Battle Of The Initials

I don’t think anybody, from the hardcore college hockey fans to the ones just watching it for the first time, expected the results that came about on Thursday night. Especially the first semi-final game. At least in how lopsided it was. You know what’s hot? Having a hat trick. Here’s to you, Nathan Gerbe.

Boston College beat North Dakota for the third straight time (damn) 6-1. Maybe there should be a moratorium on these two teams playing in the semi-finals for now on, ok? Can’t they be bracketed on opposite sides?

And in the other semi Notre Dame beat Michigan. I’m not even a hockey fan but this pisses me off. Ah, the joys of rivalry. I actually watched about the last half of regulation and the overtime. Michigan fought their way back and I was genuinely excited when overtime started. But to be honest, it wasn’t that surprising to me that ND scored the last goal that mattered. But I’m a pessimist at heart so that could be it.

So Saturday night will be BC vs. ND. Usually bad things happen when Catholics fights. I guess whoever wins loves Jesus more.

12 thoughts on “Frozen Four: Battle Of The Initials

  1. For the record, I cannot in good conscience post a Notre Dame pic. It was written into the contract when I signed my fandom to Michigan.

  2. But I’m a pessimist at heart so that could be it.

    Hey SA, like my Dad says, “an optimist can be disappointed, a pessimist can be pleasantly surprised.”

    This is my point of view on the Devils. It doesn’t work though, since I’m always disappointed anyway.

  3. Pam-I am so going to use that from now on.

    Thistle-I can’t see the link. I don’t have a myspace page. Yes, I realize I’m the last one on Earth who doesn’t.


    Andie-go ND? That just might kill me.

    Tuffy-I am vastly impressed that you were actually looking at a computer screen at 6 or 7 AM, depending on your time zone.

  4. As a Wisconsin fan I’m contractually obligated to HATE Michigan, but holy crap those two goals in 15 seconds – unREAL!

    I’ll be cheering for BC, but only because this is like their 72nd final in a row without a national championship. The Red Sox curse seems to have switched to them.

  5. Is it bad if I had to come to your website to find out whether North Dakota won because it wasn’t on the other sports websites front pages?

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