Hump Day Hottie: College Ballers

Screw Christmas; right now is the most wonderful time of the year. You have the NBA, NHL, and Spring Training at full steam. Golf and tennis is picking back up. Those that must have football can occupy themselves with the NFL Draft next month, college football spring practices, and the AFL. And of course the college basketball. Oh, the college basketball. Every night this week there is a championship game from some conference and beginning today with the Big East tournament there’s basketball starting at noon. And then there’s next Thursday. Yes, these are the days that I live for ladies and gentlemen.

So in honor of the greatest two weeks of the year here’s a look at some of the players you’ll be hearing about and watching. Let’s start off right with someone who makes me want to apply to the University of Texas so I can stalk cheer him, D.J. Augustin.

Josh Shipp

Brandon Rush

Wayne Ellington

Kyle McAlarney

JaJuan Smith and Chris Lofton

Steven Gray (#22)

Michael Flowers

Derrick Rose

Nic Wise

David Godbold

Jonathan Peoples

Drew Neitzel

Donte’ Greene

Gerald Henderson

Photo Credits: Michael Thomas, Wade Payne, Orlin Wagner, Andy Lyons, Tony Gutierrez, Marc Squire, Getty, AP

38 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: College Ballers

  1. A few thoughts:

    1. Hasn’t Brandon Rush been in college forever?
    2. How is “JaJuan” pronounced? Is it Ja-Wan…or Wa-Wan…or Ja-Juw-on?
    3. Drew Neitzel = YUCK
    4. I think my favorite is #32 on Gonzaga

  2. No Michael Beasely? Kid is HOT. And a monster. And the clear #1 NBA draft pick, so in less than 4 months kid is going to be LOADED as well.
    (I would note the lack of the Hansbrough, but seeing as you are a Dookie, it is understandable. Also his hottness is really magnified by how awesome he is, hence if you do not find him awesome he might be less hot…)

  3. Oh, but Michael Beasley is a BITCH, which totally takes away from his hotness factor.

    You might enjoy Ade Dagunduro, Paul Velander, Cookie Miller, and maybe Cole Salomon of Nebraska. I know they’re not exactly going to be winning any Big (or little) Dances anytime soon, but still…pretty.

  4. Pam-you take that back about Neitzel. He’s the one thing about Michigan State I can stand.

    As for Beasley…I’m on the fence. I guess I’m just going to have to do more research.

  5. Yay ladyandrea! Hansbrough clearly needs a little love right now. It must be hard for him, with all those POY awards starting to roll in…

    But SA I agree you should do some more Beasely research. He really is quite the male specimen.

  6. I don’t know what it is but I like the bald/buzz cut hairstyle on a guy. Makes him hotter.

    As for Hansbrough I will admit that while sitting down in an interview he’s kinda sorta a little cute. But while playing? No. Plus I hate him.

  7. I think I brought this up last year but Drew Neitzel reminds me of Wentworth Miller who in turn reminds me of Tatum Channing. So I approve.

  8. Yes, ladyandrea, we should probably work out some sort of rotation schedule… also we might have to whack his girlfriend first. She’s small and blonde and a cheerleader. I feel like I could take her alone, I might just need some help corraling her, shes quite small and nimble.

  9. Con-nor Tea-han! The KU crowd just loves it when he comes in – of course it usually means they’re up by 30!

    Minda, I agree, Michael Beasley would be cute if he weren’t so whiny! And those cute Nebraska boys are scrappy!

    Derrick Rose is hot & so talented, I hope he decides to stay at Memphis and not go pro. Check out Joey Dorsey though, so very hot – he has awesome arms!

  10. Never understood why it’s called “Hump Day” when most folks get laid on the weekend.

    Oh yeah. Cait McMahan. I would still feel tall.

  11. I find Steven Gray ridiculously hot, but then I feel ridiculously old and dirty. Can a 28 year old leer at college boys? (I hope so, because I am going to NCAA wrestling next week, so I have lots of leering to do.)

  12. Re: Drew Neitzel – as a Wisconsin fan, I just plain hate him. The comment that takes him the Wentworth Miller/Channing Tatum path is just wrong. If he were actually as hot as Tatum, Id’ be ok with it. But he’s not. He’s more “Powder” than “She’s the Man”

    But Flowers is such a little cutie!

  13. BTO, I remember Chris Kramer from last year. If I recall, I featured him as one of the conference hotties.

    Nicole, glad to see someone echo the Flowers love. He is adorable!

  14. i love it. yes wait why did no one put chris douglas roberts. he is way hotter than derrik rose. Joey dorsey is cute but he has a baby so he lost his hottness.
    ladies check chris douglas roberts

  15. Gotta chime in to defend Drew Neitzel, what with him being my favorite player for a good four years now. The boy definitely takes some pretty terrible pictures (the one in the post arguably being one of them), that’s for sure, but he’s GORGEOUS in person. Big blue eyes, dimples, the works, plus he’s a really good guy on top of it. And come on, look at this headshot:

    (And a little bonus footage – Drew with hair!!!!!'s_House/Images/drewneitzelpt1.mpg)

  16. Ok dj augustin is beautiful
    so is CDR
    so is beasley
    so is derrick rose
    so is flowers
    and mcneal
    and oh my …there are alot

    BUT JOEY DORSEY..pfftt
    and drew..naaah
    and henderson has a jacked up hairline

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