Hot or Not: The 2008 Senior Bowl

Saturday was our last chance to lay eyes on many of our NCAA honeys before the draft. Who sizzled? Who fizzled? Who’ll be fielding calls from scouts, and who’ll be sitting at home crying with their hair in hot rollers (or, as Brady Quinn calls it, “Thursday”)?

HOT: Erik Ainge, QB, Tennessee.


Our boy wasn’t even supposed to be at the game, but there he was—taking Brian Brohm’s roster slot and Offensive MVP honors, and handing off the winning TD to…

HOT: Andre Caldwell, WR, Florida. Wonders never cease, y’all. The sky has turned to sackcloth. Our banged-up QB, their banged-up receiver…and a last-second dash for a South team win, 17-16.


HOT: Owen Schmitt, FB, West Fuckin’ Virginia. The “runaway beer truck” with as many fingers as obliterated facemasks continues his reign of terror.


HOT: Brad Cottam, TE, Tennessee. Big Brad caught his first touchdown, if you’ll recall, in his final game as a Vol a few weeks ago. He caught his second on Saturday. Got your attention?


HOT: USC. The Trojans sent nine players to the Senior Bowl, including the delectable Chauncey Washington.


NOT: DeJuan Tribble, CB, Boston College. A lock for the All-Name team, Tribble (hee!) couldn’t cover a receiver to save his round, furry (stay with me) ass.


NOT: John David Booty, QB, USC. His teammates, for the most part, put on a good show. JDB threw himself an INT…in the endzone.


NOT: Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky. Good for a score…but also a fumble, a safety, and only 27 total yards.


NOT: Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii. 29 total yards, 1 INT, no scores…but he’s doing just fine:

“We’re all system quarterbacks,” says Brennan. “Why worry about critics? Our system at Hawaii worked pretty well.”

The gentlemen of Athens beg to differ, sir:

NOT: Touching a Wolverine. ERIK, you do NOT know where that thing has BEEN! (All right, all right, apparently Chad Henne also acquitted himself very well.)


See you at the draft, ducklings. XOXO

4 thoughts on “Hot or Not: The 2008 Senior Bowl

  1. A Senior Bowl wrap-up and no love for The Hawk with his 3 receptions for 63 yards (leading all receivers) and a TD?

    /ahhh, notices the “blatant homerism” tag at the bottom

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