Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

In College Basketball action, the scrappy Runnin’ Bulldogs of Gardner-Webb beat Billy Gillespie and the Kentucky Wildcats. And they didn’t just beat them. They beat them 84-68. Man, I love college basketball. It’s like March has come early. Michigan State lost to Grand Valley State, Ohio State lost to Findlay and now Kentucky has lost to Gardner-Webb. Granted, those first two were exhibition but…Iowa managed to beat Simpson College the other night. I’m just sayin’. [Bulldogs Maul the Wildcats. Take that, Ashley Judd!]

I was going to do a hottie pic,
but I was too enamored of the cute Running Bulldog.

Roger Clemens is finally deciding to hang up the ol’ spikes. Maybe. We’ll see. I’ll believe it when he goes a whole season without getting paid eleventy trillion dollars per pitch. But he says he’s interested in working as a personal consultant for the Houston Astros. There is a quote from the article, though, that says, “It was not clear how Clemens would respond if the Yankees or Astros asked him to pitch next year.” Jeez. [I Hope He and the Mrs. Have a Better Cell Phone Plan]

I do enjoy his build.

In more baseball news, I saw this headline this morning: “Angels Admit Interest in A-Rod.” The article goes on to talk about how most teams are downplaying their interest, but that the Angels “admit” they’d love to sign A-Rod. I just cannot stop snickering over the use of the word “admit.” Like the teams are a gaggle of women who all really want to sex A-Rod, but only the Angels will cop to it. [Angels Reek of Desperation, Other Teams Playing it Coy]

I dig the shades.

And for all the hockey fans who come in here and rag on me for not including their “sport,” last night with two quick goals Dallas center Mike Modano broke Phil Housley’s NHL record for career points by an American-born player. Mondano is a Michigan native who has played with the Stars his entire career. He is now 35th on the all-time list. [Here. Here’s Some Hockey. Now Get Off My Lawn!]


12 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

  1. Although I’m not a Modano fan, thank you Andrea, for including my favorite “sport.” Mike Modano made an appearance in the first mighty ducks movie, if I recall….

    (and did they try to erase the “Dallas” from the top of the Stars’ logo or what?)

  2. Upon seeing that cute bulldog, the first thought that went through my head was the Dr. Pepper dancing OL commercial accompanied by the Chariots of Fire music. Yes, my mind is a jumbled, scary place. :)

  3. This reminds me of ESPN Radio’s Sports Bash. Host Erik Kuselius got similar complaints about never talking about hockey, so he started making it a point to mention it once per show. It was always prefaced by a Big Announcer Voice saying, “And now…the Hockey Mention of The Day.”

  4. My sister would approve highly of your inclusion of a running English Bulldog, as that looks suspiciously like Bailey. Bailey, as we later learned, is from the same litter as a bulldog owned by Detroit Red Wing Henrik Zetterberg.

    Speaking of Michigan and hockey, congratulations to Mike Modano, the pride of Livonia, Michigan, my hometown.

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