Adrian Peterson: More Than Cheekbones

ap_1.jpg From the moment he donned that purple cap on draft day, Adrian Peterson was anointed (and from the looks of this shot, dipped in wax) as a key player in the future of the Vikings gameplan. And while he appears quite capable of carrying the team on his back (particularly after this weekend), Minnesota brass seem content to split his playing time with Chester Taylor. Are there still doubts about the solidity of his previously injured collarbone? Are they giving the rookie more time to assimilate the schemes? Or just taking it easy on their brand new toy? Whatever the reason, it may be falling by the wayside. Hard to miss AP this weekend, but just in case your memory’s fuzzy, he was the guy barreling down the field with Chicago defenders flopping behind him like tin cans tied to a car bumper. Twenty carries, 224 yards, three touchdowns, on the way to a 34-31 win over the Bears. Here’s hoping Chester Taylor rides the pine next week, as a red-blooded woman and a football fan…Peterson’s a hell of a lot of fun to watch on the field, and ain’t bad on the eyes, either.


Look at this FACE! How can you deny carries to that FACE??


Here at Ladies… we are, as you may have noticed, inordinately fond of calves.


All right, he kind of looks like a baby dinosaur in this shot. Rarrrr!



Women love him! Men love him can’t tackle him!



He was a SOONER and still we swoon. That’s huge.



19 thoughts on “Adrian Peterson: More Than Cheekbones

  1. Does anyone think he looks vaguely like Chewie in the 1st picture? I’m not sure if it’s because of the picture, but he should get his eyebrows waxed.

    I kind of like the said starry helmet. I’m not sure if it’s right for the Vikings, but it does look good.

  2. Are Anchorman references ok here? Or is it banned through the entire Dead Universe? Cause, Ladies, that escalated quickly… I mean, that really got out of hand fast.

  3. Mmmmm… Adrian….loving those legs. I must agree w/Holly, his face is absolutely cherubic.

    No Urlacher, You cannot kiss AP! That’s my job! (Hey, a girl can dream)

  4. I had no idea he was so cute! I just know he’s kicking ass on my fantasy team and my husband has been trying to trick me into trading Adrian to him – I’m not that dumb!

  5. Adrian Peterson is the only good thing we Vikings fans have going for us right now. I think the guys at KSK have said it best when they’ve called him “Purple Jesus.” Just look at those arms in the photo of him blowing through the Bears…I’m in serious lust.

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